Has anyone eaten at any of these restaurants in the past year?


We are about 2 weeks away from being able to make ADRs for our June trip. We have 8 nights & have a list of about 12 restaurants we want to eat dinner at. :laugh: So, I was curious if anyone has been to any of the following restaurants in the past year or so & how have they been? We have to wittle the list down a bit & haven’t been to these restaurants in more than a couple years.

  • [B]Brown Derby[/B]
  • [B]1900 Park Fare[/B] (only ate there for Thanksgiving Dinner 2 years ago & it was special menu, how’s the regular dinner buffet there?)
  • [B]Tusker House[/B] (haven’t been since it was counter service)
  • [B]Hollywood & Vine[/B] (is this a character dinner now & if so, what characters?)
  • [B]Artist Point[/B]
  • [B]Cinderella’s Royal Table[/B] (is this really worth 2 credits?)

Oh, and I should mention that these are the list of ‘definately going to do’ dinners:

  • Whispering Canyon
  • Olivia’s
  • Boma
  • Sanaa (possibly)
  • Biergarten


Didn’t go to any of those places back in December, but I think that the characters at Hollywood and Vine are the Little Einsteins(but I’m not 100% sure).


We ate at Hollywood & Vine in October-we had a good experience and have always had good service in the past. The food was really good for a buffet the first time we ate there, which is why we booked it for that trip again. It was really good the second time around as well.

We actually showed up 45 mins early for our ADR and they still brought us in within a few minutes.

The dinner was not a character buffet when we went not sure if things have changed in the past six months though. I think the breakfast buffet has the disney playhouse characters. Hope this is helpful.


I ate at some of these

  • 1900 Park Fare - Love it. Went for a late breakfast definatly worth it.
  • Hollywood & Vine - we didn’t see characters, but the food is really good here
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table - I personally will not do this again, very expensive and the food and service was just mediocre. It was nice to do once, but that is all, just to say you’ve done it.


Ahhh, ok, I think you guys are right. I think only the BREAKFAST at Hollywood & Vine is character.


I think CRT is beautiful, you can’t beat the ambiance, but I don’t honestly know if its worth the money.

Olivia’s was very very good, service and food were excellent when we were there over the summer.


Last summer we have eaten at Holly & Vine with the fantasmic dinner package and I have to say the food is awefull!!! If it weren’t for the show priority seating that comes with the ADR I would have been more disapointed. The food is very bland and my whole family wasn’t crazy about it. I can’t remember what was on the buffet but it was not good. The service was good though. Also, we have had breakfast there and we were very pleased but I would not reccomend it for dinner.


[QUOTE=lovemysons;941981]I think CRT is beautiful, you can’t beat the ambiance, but I don’t honestly know if its worth the money.

Olivia’s was very very good, service and food were excellent when we were there over the summer.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I think CRT is getting crossed off the list first. We loved eating there before it became the whole package 'cause it is beautiful & fun to eat in the castle. Two credits though? Nahhh.

Yes, Olivia’s was SO good we ate there TWICE on our Oct. trip & D wants to go back again in June.


Dinner at H&V is not character, just breakfast. That was in July 2008


We’ve been to 1900 park fare for dinner the past two trips and loved it!


I agree with that - it is so pretty. We’ve done it twice for breakfast and it was worth the money to us, but we have a little girl. She loved it. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

We did Boma and we all really enjoyed that.


Tusker house was yummy. We ate there right after the new restaurant had been opened up, and it was great. My husband says," It’s just ok. I mean it is eggs and pastries, etc" How hard can it be to mess up? But it was clean, fast, and the kids like the characters. Plus the jungle juice was great…


We have not done any of these recently but I have Boma and 1900 Park Fare on my dinner lists for our May trip. I can’t wait. It is nice to hear positive reviews.


We did a lunch at Tusker House last year and really enjoyed it! Nice variety of foods on the buffet and the quality was quite good. We’d do it again but there are a couple other places we want to try first.



We ate lunch at Tusker House last August and it was really good. Our waiter’s name was Neil. Ask to be in his section if you do go. He was hilarious!

Rebecca and I were not impressed with Brown Derby at all. Not one teeny-tiny bit. We will probably never eat there again.



We ate at both 1900 PF, and Artist Point last September (both for dinner) and loved both. We were not on the DP, do it was out of pocket, but found it worth every cent. We also did CRT for dinner. This was a repeat for us. The ambiance is great, but the food was just not worth the $$$ (IMO). It was nice to say that we did this (again), but would definitely not rush back for that one.


I’ve eaten at 1900 Park Fare twice and each time was completely different. The first time I really liked the variety and the second time this past November I thought the choices were very limited. For me it’s batting 500. As for Cinderella’s Royal Table I would say it’s great to say that you’ve done it but I would not do it again. The service is very good but the food is not worth the expense.

By the way, where are you in your avatar picture?


We ate at Artist Point in January and are not rushing back there


We’ve eaten at both CRT and Hollywood and Vine; CRT we really enjoyed, not sure if it’s worth 2 credits (but a must do at least once) and Hollywood and Vine - Yuck!


That would be a big NO for me