Has anyone ever eaten at the Paradise Pier Resturant?


I’ve been to Goofy’s Kitchen (which I love) tons of times but I always wondered about the resturant in the Paradise Peor hotel… is it any good??? What kind of food do they have??? Is it better than Goffy’s Kitchen???:huh:


I assume you’re asking about the “Lilo and Stitch Aloha Character Breakfast” at the PCH Grill? Ive eaten at the grill, it has good food and a relaxed and fun beachy atmosphere. Id say I like it, Im not sure how the character breakfast holds up towards Goofy’s Kitchen over at the Disneyland Hotel because Ive never done the character breakfast over at Paradise Pier Hotel, but I do know that the breakfast character dining features a breakfast buffet featuring Disney Character Dining and classic Japanese favorites served with a contemporary flair. Id say give it a try, you’ve done Goofy’s Kitchen, so maybe try another restaurant this time? Now as for the actual PCH Grill during regular eating menu’s (not breakfast) - The menu features a casual bite from the menu of boardwalk-inspired treats, including hamburger specialties, pizza, grilled sandwiches, and desserts, I like the restaurant pretty well.


Unfortunately I’ve never been to Disneyland, so can’t answer your question, but wanted to say, Welcome to MouseBuzz. Enjoy!


Thanks for the welcome Loretta!


I was gonna add my two cents, but Anaheim Boy seems to have covered it. We have enjoyed PCH Grill each time we’ve visited. We are also very fond of the Japanese restaurant, Yamabuki, as well.


Are you looking for just a character breakfast? To be honest I prefer Plaza Inn inside the park much better. Goofy’s Kitchen is the best dinner character meal in my opinion BUT as far as breakfast goes I think you see more characters, you’re already in the park, and the food is good over at Plaza Inn.


I agree, for Breakfast Character dining, I think the Plaza Inn is the best…good food and lots of Characters…and best thing…Its in Disneyland Park, so when youre finished you can just hop right out onto Main Street and go as you please and start your day…you wont have to make the walk from Paradise Pier Hotel to the Esplanade, which can be quite a walk for some! But yes, totally agree with you there Wish :smile:


Just an FYI, Yamabuki Closed about a month ago or so. Not sure exactly why or if anything is going to replace it (Im sure something will in time). Luckly all of the Cast Members that worked at Yamabuki got re-positioned else where in the Resort or were offered a severance package.


OH NO!!! We really enjoyed eating there:crying: WAH!!! I am glad that they were able to re-position the CM’s though!


Yea, you and me both, I know some CMs were really mad because they had no say in the restaurant closing and were afraid what they were going to do for work, so it was really great of Disney to help out all of those CMs, they were all very sad to part from each other, they were like a small family. But with time brings change!


I had mixed feelings about Yamabuki. I only ate there once, and perhaps I had a bad night… Granted, it was 2006, but now I guess I won’t be going there again…