Has anyone ever heard of this?


I wanted to get my tickets a day before I check into our resort where we have a package with free dinning. The reason I am asking is because we have a five day hopper pass but on the fifth day we are checking out at 6:30a.m. so it is not usable so I wanted to use it as our first day when we are in Orlando but not checked into our resort. I know it will not include free dinning or our room key but I am not looking for that, just the day at the parks I have paid for… The following was taken from another board but I am still not sure if I believe this.

Picking up Package Tickets Prior To Start Of Package

In cases where Walt Disney World Resort Guests would like to begin using their Package Tickets prior to the day of check-in (up to three days in advance), the Guests will be directed to visit any Theme Park Guest Relations location and request Early Ticket Pick-Up.

It is only valid for people with packages at a Walt Disney World owned and operated Resort. You can be staying off-property at the time you pick up the tickets. Note that if you have a package which includes Dining, although you can pick up your tickets early you cannot get access to the Dining until you have actually checked in to your Resort.

There is a possibility that if your package and the stay prior to the package are at the same Resort that you will be able to get the tickets at the Resort and not have to go to a Park Guest Relations Office.

And the tickets issued will be valid for the entire stay; they will not receive valid tickets when they actually check-in to their resort. There is a strong possibility that the tickets you have received prior to check-in cannot be added to your KTTW on or after check-in.


No, never heard of this, but this is AWESOME!!! Seriously, where did you find this? Love this idea!


I would call Disney, probably more than once to see if you get the same answer to make sure that is correct…


I found it here

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I’ve read several posts on the dis about people doing this. I had no idea it was an option until then.


I never knew you could do this. It’s nice to know for the future! Let us know if you were able to make it work.


Have heard about being able to do this but never done it myself! I can imagine it is because some people stay off site for a few days, then move into a Disney hotel for the remainder of their trip. I’d give them a ring to be sure but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do it, makes a lot of sense.


I have an email out to WDW guest services with the same information that I posted here so I will let you know what they say. I am trying to make plans for every day we are in Orlando so confirming this from WDW would make my decision making much easier.


I never knew this! Great info. Thank you for posting it.