Has anyone ever used a touring plan?


I love touringplans.com for their crowd calendar, but I’ve been exploring their site a little more in depth, and I read that using a touring plan is 5 times more important than what the crowd level prediction for any particular day is. I’ve looked over their touring plans before, but we’ve always just done our own “plan” in the past according to the crowd predictions. Has anyone ever used one of touringplans.com plans or even one that they publish in the Unofficial Guide? We’re going for a week in June, but we’re only doing 5 days of hoppers so that DH and DS can go Universal and play with Harry Potter one day, and I really enjoy some down time at our resort as well. Of course I still want to do as much as we can during our park time too. Do you think using a touring plan would make a difference for our family? The average crowd level the week we will be there is around a 7.


Missymouse, I studied the touring plans that came in the Unofficial Guides, but we didn’t follow them exactly. We traveled with three generations for a total of 7 people, and the rhythm of our group made having a concrete plan unappealing. That being said, I made a point of writing down the times they recommended for our favorite attractions (Dumbo is my DD10s favorite!) and kept in mind the tips they had for attractions during parades, etc. I think if we visited the parks as a family of 5 I might be more compelled to follow a touring plan. I guess you could go with the mindset of following the plan and then deviate if necessary.

Anyway you look at it, it’s kind of fun to dream and think about an upcoming trip, so any time spent studying the plans isn’t wasted time! :laugh::laugh:


We are not going to follow a plan, but I am going to take notes on which attractions to do first - if I can get my family up & moving! It looks like the parks don’t open til 9 when we are there so we won’t be getting an early start anyway.


I’ve never felt a touring plan was necessary for someone that goes to Disney often enough to know how their family likes to tour. But, last summer my sister and I took my friend and her 5 year old daughter. This was the first time we’d been with a child and the first time we’d been during a busy time of year since we were kids. Plus, this was their first visit, so I didn’t want them to miss anything. So, I studied the touring plans and kind of got an idea of what time was best for certain attractions. I made a list and kept it with me in the parks. I ended up using it at least once a day and I do think it helped. There was never a need to be a park commando and follow a plan exactly, but it did help to be prepared.


We make one but never follow it. Planning is just so much fun. The only thing set are our ADR’s. When at Disney you can never go wrong.


Yes I use them, and they can make a big difference. They help you to avoid bottlenecks and lines. They also help to minimize the “what should we do next” discussions that eat time and patience. They are flexible too, so you don’t have to treat them like plans for an attack on enemy battlelines either, but use them as a tool to see the things you most want to see. I have saved a lot of time and stress using them versus times I have not. The most important rule is to get to the parks before opening(20 - 30 minutes), but after that is using a touring plan (and utilizing fastpass). Anyway, whatever you do, relax and enjoy yourself!


I used tourguidemike.com for my first two trips. For a first timer I was very glad I did. Saw everything with little wait. There are too many things to do with so little time. Now that I am familiar I make my own plans.


Honestly, no. I have my own patterns and tour plans that work out no matter when I go or what kind of crowds I encounter. If it was your first or second trip, then I would suggest it, but you should be fine. I would be happy to send you my personal plans for free. They all require EMH am entry or rope drop. email me and I send it to you if you want it… dana@pixieplanners.com


I would second the tourguidemike recommendation. I think that he has great information, from someone that actually worked there, and has studies the crowds. He was a tour guide for the private tours/celebrities for years… so he has seen the crowds. I would definitely use him… He has tons of info on his site. But don’t tell anybody else about it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input everyone! :happy: I use my own plans too, and I think we do a pretty good job of using our time well. I guess after reading the thing that said it’s 5x more important to use a plan, I was wondering if it would make a huge difference for us to use a research-based plan. I think my problem is that I when I went back to work in the fall I realized that everything I do in teaching reading interventions has to be researched based methods. I think I’ve gone a little bit overboard on the research thing. :laugh: The other reading interventions teacher that I work with would certainly agree. :laugh: I used to research a lot . . . now it is my life. :happy: :laugh: I am going to “study” the plans on some of these sites and see how they differ from what we already do if at all. If they do, I might try one on one of our days just to see. If I do, I’ll let y’all know if I think it worked out for us any better.