Has anyone ever used this app in the parks?


Disney World Touring Plans & Disney iPhone App, Android App

I have it for my android phone. I admit, even though I’m no where near a park, I find myself peeking at wait times just because I can.


I was wondering if anyone’s had any experience with accuracy and this app, though.:mickey:


YES!!! I love WDW Line app on my droid! It is very accurate, and I love looking at it even when I’m not in WDW too!!

The “reported wait times” were even more helpful. But the app wait times were also VERY accurate.


oops…I just noticed that the app you are asking about isn’t WDW Lines.

I look forward to trying this other app out! Cool!


I have it for disney WORLD and disneyLAND!! I love it even when i am not there.:blush:


I’m so glad I’m not the only one. We’re getting closer to our happy day and I find I’m checking the wait times more often. OHHHHH, I’m worse than a little kid!


We used the mobile website with my blackberry last trip. Absolutely loved it and we actually used it when park-hopping to determine which direction we were going to go when we arrived. Head towards Space Mountain or Splash Mountain, for instance.


That’s not one I’ve tried, but I think I may need to purchase it. I used the Lines app from the Unofficial Guide last trip, and it was pretty good, but if this one really helps you cut down wait times, I have to have it! :happy:


Haven’t used it yet, but it is downloaded and ready to go. My friend tried it while in WDW and it worked perfectly and was within a few minutes of the actual wait times.


I love that app. We play a game as a family when we go out to eat- “Guess The Wait Times”. My boys and wife actually find it fun, either that or they’re just humoring me.


LOL, Guess the Wait Time sounds like something our family would love :laugh:


I used an app from undercover tourist called"Disney World Wait Times Lite" and found it to be very accurate.It showed the wait times,parade times,and even extra magic hours.I found it in the Android Market. It is a free app. I used it on my LG Ally.The main screen is a circle with the 4 parks around it and you click on the park you want and it gives all the rides and current wait times.It updates every day to give current wait times.Here is a picture of the app.


That’s exactly the app I linked! I love it!


It even has restaurant menus!


Every time I looked at it DW told me I’m obsessed.I still have it on my phone.:biggrin: You can also submit your own wait times.


It’s so fun!!! I look at it every evening.


I look at it too- I have a few Disney apps but I’ve never used them in WDW as for us, its a bit dodgy to have internet via our cell phones as we can get charged ‘International Roaming’ which can result in hundreds of dollars charge-unless its set up beforehand with your provider, and even then, its not always to be trusted!. So I use the apps here in England to look at menus and park plans etc.



I was wondering if anyone’s had any experience with accuracy and this app, though.:mickey:[/QUOTE]

My sister in law had that app during our trip last month and I have to say that the wait time was accurate or within 5 mins. We started to check it before we tried each ride, was kind of a game after a while.


I use the app from Verizon ~ I forget what its called. I love knowing the wait times and I’ve always found them to be accurate. I also love the character finder! Well worth the $9.95/6 months