Has anyone gone to the SPA at GF?


I was wondering if anyone has gone to the spa at the Grand Floridian? I’m thinking of taking my 12 year old there as a surprise for their TWEEN package. I know it’s expensive but has anyone been there?:flowers:


I have never been there, but was just actually reading about it last night. Funny you should ask about it today. My research says that the SSR spa is WAYYY nicer. If you are going to spend the big bucks on a tween spa day, I would go all the way with it and pick the nicer spa.


Yeah, I read that some where also. We just thought since we’re staying at the Poly we’d make it at the GF because it’s closer.


Closer it is, but you could always head to DTD from the SSR one …dinner after a spa day and make it a totally girlie day. Either spa would be totally cool. It’s not like the GF is going to be a dump or anything. The SSR one is just cooler and newer.


I’ve been to the GF Spa and LOVED it! I will continue to go there. I was so impressed and loved every second of it. I would highly recommend getting any child into it. It’s a great way to relax and have a healthy down time. It’s a great way to take care of your body also. I give my DD2 massages all the time and she loves soaking her feet with me, massaging them and painting her toes. I would have loved to do this with my Mom as a teen. I think it would have opened up doors with us that I shut being the rebelion teen. I wouldn’t know about SSR but I’m not sure what’s nicer about it. I prefer the things offered at GF over SSR but I went a year ago and I’m not sure what has changed. I love GF anyway so I think I’m more partial to it.
If there are anymore questions I can help you with, just ask away.


Thank you both for the advice. It would be nice to have a girlie day but we are kind of looking for a girlie morning (a few hrs) and then meet up with Dad & my son. I’ll have to check out SSR prices. I heard the mother/daughter package was $500. at GF. But I probably will just get the tween package for just her while I wait. Just to save money. She gets her nails & toes done at home but in our area they won’t do massages or facials on a 12 year old. At GF it says in the tween pkg they do all that. So it’s just a different experience for her.


Alaine,I’m not stalking you…:blush: I just left your laptop question and came across your the spa thread. MY daughter (who’ll be 15 when we go) would like to take her cousin (who will be 12) to the BBB for some “royal” treatment. I question whether or not it would be too young of a place to take them. Now, I’m wondering about the spa.
To anyone,
Is the “tween” open to any young age? Can a 15 year old get a tween package with a 12 year old friend? Is there any other recommendation for two girls that is relatively inexpensive. (For a spa treament at GF, that is)


I sent my wife for some time alone to the GF Spa and she loved it. The SSR spa offers some treatments that the GF does not.


Funny, I would opt for the GF spa, not having seen either one, simply because I love to have a glass of something bubbly after being pampered and I think I would like the “old fashioned” atmosphere at the GF :blush:


DW has been to both. She prefers SSR hands down. The rooms are more private, the staff, more … I guess subdued would be the word. She felt the atmosphere was more relaxing.

Coincidentally I received her email today with hr requested treatment (a Christmas present). She umm, instructed? guided? told me it is to be the SSR spa.

I can put you in touch with her if you wish. PM me.


Maybe I can help with this, here are all the Disney Spa info I have:

Niki Bryan Spas :: Relaxed Yet™

Feel free to call and ask them any questions. They were great when I had a bunch of ?'s before our first visit.


We did that spa treatment when we could use “wishes” from the dining plan. I had the sea salt scrub. As far as spa’s go its nice. Nothing incredibly fancy and when we went the sauna or steam room- dont remembe which was not working. It was pretty average all in all. I loved that the room had a tub right in it- that made washing up after the rub much less an awkward thing.


HAPYCAMPER- I know my daughter wouldn’t like BB. She’s 12 but acts like she’s 20. She also wears an adult size small so BB’s clothes wouldn’t fit here even if she wanted to go. I can’t remember all the details but I know GF has a services for ages 4-12 which can include my first facial, manicure, pedicure & massage. There are other services available for ages 10 & older children (tweens). They have sooo many packages and they can customize so if you are interested you can call The GF Spa (407) 824-2332. You need reservations. I also believe I read somewhere that you can drop off your child if she is 12 or older unless she’s getting a massage then you have to stay.


Thanks for starting this thread!

Will be at GF in a couple more weeks and meant to look into the Couples Massage but had forgotten…not sure if DH will want to take the time to relax in that fashion; I believe he has some other ideas as we’re leaving the kids at home. :redface:



Well, I know my daughter would NOT do the dress up thing at BB but thought it would be a nice gesture to get the sparkly makeover/hair with her younger cousin. I’m sure the spa would be a better choice now…:cool: