Has anyone gotten into


watching “Invasion” after “LOST”?


ROFL@ Your avatar. Your sense of humor is awesome.

No, I don’t like Invasion. I think it’s scary. :crying:


I’ve caught the beginning a few times after Lost, but it hasn’t captured my interest.


I watched part of the first episode and wasn’t able to get into it. It’s too sci-fi for me. And none of it made sense.


I actually really like it. I haven’t watched the last few weeks of either show though because I missed one week and I didn’t want to miss out on anything. I figured they will have the DVD out of both before the next season anyway. So I’ll just have to rent that!


I will admit it. Yes we do. I do not like it as much a Lost, but we do watch it.


Me too, we were only watching it once in a while at first but now we watch it every week. Did you know that Shawn Cassidy created and produced it? Remember him? He was so cute!!


I’ve watched every show! I do prefer LOST, but Invasion is also interesting.
I TIVO both shows and usually watch them on the weekend. I like having it recorded so that I can freeze-frame some things that seem to only show in a flash. :eek: :wink:


I watch too! :mickey: