Has anyone heard the new "Nickelodeon" theme for HIFS


I am in the process of finding a hotel for our vaca, and when I got on the website, it had information that it would be turning into a nickelodeon themed hotel. It showed all new water park-like structures and rooms decorated like tv shows on nickelodeon. Just wondering if anyone has heard id these things are true? Thanks a bunch! :tongue:


They are VERY true!!! HIFS is a very high quality resort that had a very cheesey theme before, and it needed a true theme. It is almost as good as a Disney resort, but DO NOT buy Disney tickets or transportation at the desk there!!!


Ok, I gotta know… why?


Also, if you purchase a Entertainment Book you can save alot on your room. You don’t have to use the phone number in the book for reservations, just call the hotel.
I ordered the book through a link at www.mousesavers.com
We will be staying there for 2 nights the first of October.



Why shouldn’t u buy park hoppers there?


It looks pretty cool. It’s not Disney, but still…looks cool


We looked into buying them there and they do give you a great deal on the tickets, BUT, when we were there they forced you to take a one day tour of some new Timeshare/resort that was being built. It is casually slipped in there, and not mentioned much.

The transportation is terrible, and that is why I did not recomend that. HIFS actually sits on a back exit out of WDW, so it is very easy to get in and out of Disney. It is on the far end near PC and WWoS.


I saw their website it looks fun!!! Theming reminds me of Disney Values!! My kids LOVE Disney but they also love nicktoons too!!! They would love this Hotel!!!


:mickey: I’m sorry to hear, disneyguy, that you think the transportation is “horrible”. Did you have a bad experience? We have only been there once and it was great then, I guess anything can happen. And it seems that the only 2 channels that my kids watch are disney and nick, so they too would absolutely adore this re-do!
But alas, I am going to try very hard, to be able to stay on site to get the “experience”!


I find the transportation bad, because it makes stops at several other resorts, so it becomes like the Mears Shuttle, except on a HUGE bus. Also, you are on their schedule, and I do not like doing that.


Actually, when we were there, It went only to our hotel. Maybe it has changed in a year. I agree with you on their schedual part, although we did take advantage and come back for a mid day nap. Only once during our whole stay did we have a problem. When leaving MK late one night, our driver was half and hour late. Turns out he FELL ASLEEP! Lets just say his tip jar was very light that night!


HAHAHAHA. You have to say, that it is pretty sad that he fell asleep, but an error anyone could make.