Has anyone ordered their new vacation planning DVD?


Because they are now available!!! I ordered my today. Yeah!!! NO more annoying teenager named Luke and bye bye to the ever so perky Erin !!! (IN the video, not our Erin) I don’t know why I get so excited about these DVD’s but I just love em!:wub:


I saw something about it the other day and totally forgot to order it. I think I am going to wait until I get back from this trip and then order it. That will help me get excited for my August trip. Thanks for the reminder.


Dana, your trip is SO Close !! It probably wouldn’t be delivered before you left anyway. It said 6- 8 weeks for delivery. I don’t remember it ever taking that long, but, 26 days away ! Lucky!


I need to get around to that.


Ordered it up on monday…hope it comes before my december trip for mousefest


I am SO glad the old video is going “Buh Bye”. I couldn’t STAND Luke!!! The park bench guy made me giggle, though. And Erin was really TOO perky. I just want to see a change…I really think some Disney “Magic” was missing with that last video.


Wasn’t Erin in a Fox comedy? Obviously the show didn’t last, but I remember seeing her in some previous.

As for Luke, he’s probably in Ecstasy rehab or something.


Hey I like Erin and all her perky cheerfullness! Now I do however think that Luke is irritating and I am glad that he is gone. Thing is, who do they get to replace them?

As for ordering the video, I am going to hold off for a bit since it won’t be shipped for a couple months anyway.


Thanks for the reminder, I just ordered mine. I can’t wait to see the updates.


If I had to associate a drug with each person on the old DVD

Erin - Cocaine. Definately cocaine.
Luke - Ecstacy.
Bench Guy - Valium
Crazy Mom Lady - Vodka


Cavey, I had a rough day today and I would like to thank you for giving my good hearty laugh of the day :laugh:


LOL! I liked the park bench dude too!
:eek: I said Dude!!! :laugh:
anyways, that guy ate wayyyy too much! lol
My dd and I got a kick out of him eating all around the world! lol
then… Your Irish? Your in the picture! :laugh:

I wanted to slap Erin through the screen! :glare:

Luke was over acting a bit… I’ll leave it alone at that! lol

:ohmy: :cool: Iam going to order it right NOW!!!
I cannot wait until i get back to order it!!! :biggrin:


I think it was Crack Cocaine personally! lol
but good picks!
i personally think the bench guy was puffing on that magic dragon cuz he was always eating in that video! He had the constance munchies! lmao! :laugh:


I’m going to order it today! My children watch the other one and the DVC one all the time so this will be a nice change. Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks for the info! I just ordered mine too! Has anyone seen it yet?


Thanks Tigger!

I just ordered mine!


can you order it online, or do you have to call them to get one?


just went online to order mine cant wait it will give me my disney fix until we go in May :laugh:


Does any one know when we can get it in the U.K ?


I have to order it, it will be neat to watch it, I have never seen one yet!