Has anyone seen the shaggy dog


i am wondering if anyone has seen the newish disney movie the shaggy dog

was it worth paying the money to see it in the movie theater or should u wait???

I want to see it looks like its a good movie but not sure.


DS wants to see it but we’re holding off until we hear reviews from the professionals. That would be REAL people, not movie critics. (Sorry if there are any movie critics out there. :smile: )
Glad you asked! I hope we get some responses.


We did see it, we all loved it and thought it was worth seeing in the theatre. I hope you get a chance to go see it.


No but I have on very shaggy small poodle in my backyard, name of Charlie.


LOL! Do we have to pay $6.00 to see him? And do you provide popcorn and drinks or is it BYO? :biggrin:


We saw it, and it was very cute!


I took DD ( 6) to see it and she loved it. I thought it was pretty good!


Our family saw it and really enjoyed it at the theater. Tim Allen is very funny, as usual. It is not really anything like the original though.


Our whole family liked it very much and I would recommend seeing it in the theater!


ok great thanks i will go see it then.


I have absolutely no desire to see this movie at all. I like the orginal. I hate that they keep remaking these classic movies. It’s like they ran out of ideas or something. I wouldn’t watch the new love bug or the new freaky friday. It annoys me.


No popcorn usually, but we do have a pool and usually a beer or two :wink:


And both of them have Lindsay Lohan, so… who would want to see either one? :cool: She’s just annoying. Even if she’s cute.


Well, it’s YOUR loss. I like them both. There’s enough room in my Disney-crazed head for both Fred MacMurray AND Tim Allen.

BY THE WAY - We actually own a Bearded Collie (the breed used in the new Shaggy Dog movie). Tickets are just $3 each for matinee showings of our pooch (name of Meg, short for Meghan). We will offer good prices on popcorn and soda, but you have to provide your own transportation. - lol


My kids and I saw it and thought it was very cute. I was glad we go to go.