Has anyone tried the brunch at Trails End?


Next trip, we are flying down on a Saturday. Should get to BLT by 11. We thought we;d head over to Trails end for the brunch. We’ve had dinner at Trails End, but never breakfast. Any thoughts?


Their breakfast buffet is AWESOME!!! The food is so fresh and they have great bbq eggs benedict. Don’t forget the bread pudding that you usually get at 'Ohannas, only this is all your can eat! One of the best breakfasts out there.

But, check the hours, as they switch over to a “a la carte lunch” so with you arriving at BLT by 11, I’m thinking it won’t be until noon to get over there (waiting for the boat, etc.) so not sure how late they service breakfast.


On the weekends they have a brunch that runs until 2 . That’s the one we are hoping to get to try. We aren’t making an ADR if case of delays. Perhaps try to make one once we are on disney property. I’m going to have to check the menu, see if the bread pudding in on the weekends too.

Side story, few trips ago we went for breakfast at the wave. We walked in and they weren’t taking walk-ins. We walked out and checked online and make an ADR for 20 mins later. Walked backed in and said “We now have an ADR”. Don’t understand the logic in that.