Has anyone tried the kitchen sink?


Has anyone tried the kichen sink at Beeches and Cream. Any picks of it.


Nope, never tried it, but here is a pic link…
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We have. It was really fun for the kids. On my birthday trip in 2006 we went to Beaches and Cream and asked for the Kitchen Sink.
Our waiter asked my 3 oldest kids if they wanted to put the toppings on so they slopped on everything they could and it was pretty good. When they deliver it they flash the lights and make a big announcement.
Actually if you price it out is is a better deal to get the Kitchen sink versus 6 individual desserts.
Attached are pictures of the event. Sorry about the attachments I couldn’t get them directly on the post.


My kids “forced” me to order it after them seeing it a year before when we stopped in for a snack and 3 college students next to us ordered it. They remembered it as soon as I told them where we were going and we had a blast eating it together. The 2 year-old ended up wearing more than he ate I think but what another great WDW memory.


I have never tried it before but looks like a fun thing to try. I guess counting WW points it isnt a good idea but Disney only comes once a year. .LOL…


We so want to try it every time we go, but I can never find the strength or stomach room to try - it looks so good!


We had something similar at Ghirardelli at DTD. It was called The Earthquake. It had 8 scoops of ice cream, 8 toppings, plus bananas, ahipped cream, chopped nuts, a cherry and small squares of chocolate.

It was soooo good. All 4 of us shared it.

Here’s a pic.

The hot fudge we added made it melt quickly and we had begun to eat it before I took the pic, but you get the idea.


We’ve had the kitchen sink, here are my pics…

Beaches and Cream


Wow that looks so delicious and disgusting all at the same time. I got a stomach ache just looking at it! LOL


Sharon and I shared one quite a few years ago. It was the only thing we ate for the entire day. After that, it was a good week or so before we even wanted to look at ice cream. People around us did not believe that the two of us could do it, but we did. Would not recommend doing it with just 2 people though.


:crying: DW wouldn’t let me order it last time :crying: beacuse the kids did not finish there dinner !!! I think I could have put a nice dent in it.


Ok this might sound stupid but where is Beaches an Creme? Because looking at those pictures is givin me a craving for ice creme!


Why? I’m not a masochist.


I just showed the pics to dh now he said we are going. At least we have a lot of people in our party.


Beaches and Cream is at the Beach Club. It overlooks Storm-along Bay.


As fun as it looks I would like all those flavors mixing together. Oh, well.


I really think they should let you take the ‘kitchen sink dish’ home. What a souvenir!


Here is a pics of the Boardwalk/EPCOT resort area with Beaches and Cream labeled as letter Q. I hope this helps.



I wouldn’t like all those flavores mixed together but it does look like fun.


Oooo Thanks, definalty think Ill give it a go in August!