Has anyone used Expedia to book?



We are considering a cruise and I have found great rates on Expedia. They are way more inexpensive than either the Disney site or the travel agents and I was wondering if anyone had ever booked through them and what your experience was. I’d like to hear your opinions! Thanks.


I have only ever done travelocity they are always great.


I have not booked a cruise with Expedia, but I did book our condo on our recent DW trip. I had no problems at all.


I booked airfare thru them, no problems at all and a great savings. Of course, then I changed my flights lol, and the savings disappeared. :sad:


I used them to book our Disney trip this coming October. I have used them in the past for airline only and had no problems.
I did call and do it over the phone instead of online, though.


I have used them to book airfare , rental cars and non Disney hotels.
Never had any problems!
Good Luck


We have also used Expedia and Orbitz many times to book our flights and have never had a problem.


Thanks to all who replied! I will give it a try since the prices were so good.


I did use expedia with our first cruise, they work directly with Disney, so there will be no problems. This time we used AAA club and did better than ever…wow! never thought AAA would do such a great job!
Have a great time.