Has anyone used Fl. Tours?


Just checking out different town car services.

The dis boards are recommending Fl. Tours for transportation from MCO to WDW to Port Canaveral and back to MCO.

I priced that trip with Quicksilver and they charge $302.00 and include a tip in that :glare:
Fl. Tours charges $ 250.00 for the same service. They, just like QS have a grocery stop and all that other jazz.

Is anyone here familiar with that service? Give me your opinon the good the bad and the ugly

Thank you!! :smile:


I’ve used both and they are comparable.


You could take me…I’d be happy to drive you!:tongue:


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Wow, what a great idea! I call shotgun!:happy:


oh man…if youse guyse are driving with a shotgun and all :laugh: I’d say we are going on that cruise without Mike. It’s a cruise for 2, we’ll stowe Peppy under the bed or in the closet or even in a lifeboat:pirate:


Whatever it takes! I’ll spend the rest of the cruise in the Rain Forest room in the spa!:happy:


Hello everyone…

Our rates for this three way (Land and Sea Transfer) are actualy $285.00 (Towncar) and $305.00 (Van) - gratuity is not included in these rates.

Also, feel free to check the various feedbacks FL Tours have on their sponsored site Dis Boards… You’ll see some mixed reviews… Of course, check our reviews here where we’ve been a sponsor for many years now (LOL) and then compare…:blush:

My best regards to all,

Gregory Nicolas


Thanks so much for the rate clarification:) Sure hope to be able to use the airport/resort/port transfers someday soon!


First of all I’d like to say that we have enjoyed your service a few times and couldn’t be happier :happy:

I actually quoted the wrong price ($302.00) in my initial post - it should have read $ 342.00.
Here is a snippet of the email you sent me on April 2nd:

[I] Quicksilver Tours & Transportation
Toll Free 1-888-GO TO WDW
Local (407) 299-1434
Orlando airport transportation and Disney World transportation.

Mrs. Jones,

This three way land and sea transfer with our towncar is $285.00 + 20% gratuity ($342.00)

For any further questions or concerns feel free to contact us at any time.


Gregory Nicolas.[/I]


Hello Dopey,

I’m realy glad you had a good time with us and enjoyed the service we’ve provided… Hope we can continue to have you, and all members here, riding with us when looking for a towncar/van service…:blush:

Best regards,

Gregory Nicolas.