Hat/ headpiece for mnsshp costume


Can someone tell me if there will be a problem with DBF wearing the turban part of the jafar costume when we attend MNSSHP? Everything I have read states that you can’t have headpieces that obscure your face, so I’m assuming that this will be OK. (Just wanting to be sure.) Thanks for the help!


If it looks just like Jafar’s and doesn’t cover his face, I would think it is fine, but what do I know!


As long as it doesn’t cover his face he can wear it…make sure he takes if off for fireworks and parades…no one will be able to see over it:laugh:


I cannot forsee any problem with this at all as long as it does not obscure his face in any way.


Nah…that’s a hat, not a mask.


OK, thanks all! Also, thanks for the tip about the viewing issues for others, I will make sure he takes it off during fireworks etc.


I would also say that not only should it be off his face but if he feels overly tall he can just hide in a corner like Ed does…LOL


I’d say it would be okay…but he might be hot!