Haunted Dimensions


I just read up on an article about a guy who created a paper Haunted Mansion!! It’s pretty cool, but I don’t have the time to do it… if anyone needs something to to while waiting for your next trip… and is getting really desperate… do this! It’s free!


Make sure you have:
[li]Acrobat Reader
[/li][li]Exact-o knife
[/li][li]Heavy stock paper
[/li][li]a ruler
[/li][li]Elmer’s white school glue
[/li][li]Color printer


That is so cool!! I would never have the patience to put it together, but I would love to have one! Does anyone have lots of time??


That man needs a hobby.

Oh, wait. Nevermind. :blush:


I’m not a detail guy…I’m thinking having an endodontist work on me with a dull drill would be more fun.


Yeah! Let’s go together! :tongue:


More fun than cutting a bazillion little peices of paper with an Exacto knife and gluing them all together?!?!?!? :wink:


Thanks, Jess! That’s very cool!


Thanks Jess! I’m gonna save this and have it printed out on card stock! And someday…SOMEDAY, I will build it! :happy: