Haunted houses


We will be arriving in a few days my DS asking if there are any haunted houses in the area. We do not have a rental car we are using Magical express if there are any close buy can you use public transportation from Downtown Disney. Any ideas thank you b


I don’t think there would be any haunted houses that close to Disney property…and the only way you could find one would probably be to google…but you will either have to rent a car or hire a taxi to get to it. I am not aware of any other direct transportation…although Orlando does have buses.

You never know…google and see what you find…but you will need to take a taxi too and from I’m pretty sure. Good luck…maybe someone else will post with other info.

That “other park” has a more scary Halloween experience if that is what you are looking for. You definitely will want to rent a car for the day to get there though.


You can always go for the big guns and check out the haunted housees at Universal. You can catch a bus from WDW to Uni.


There’s a direct bus from WDW to Universal Studios??? Where do you catch that???


I know I’ve read about people catching a bus to go over to Uni. It’s been a long time now. Not sure what the current situation is.


Well…there are the city buses…but they stop on the corners all along the way and could take hours to get there each way…also…Mears shuttle will take you most likely…but nothing sponsored by WDW itself…and nothing free…

I would just rent a car for a day to get to Universal from WDW…:slight_smile:


There was no any haunted house in the past but i am not sure about the present situation now.Just want to let you know that you physically have to go there and found such a house.You must have a car with you because it will make your journey easier.


Here is the best place to look.

Orlando Haunted Houses - 2012 Halloween Entertainment Guide