Haunted mansion fans- check this out!


Found this yesterday at EPCOT. CM said they are new and box says limited edition :slight_smile: Sorry for the on the fly photo.


Oooooh I want one ! ! !

I wonder if they fit an iPhone 4s


I know what my dd is getting for Christmas!


That is so cool, and purple is my fav color.


I have iPhone 4S :slight_smile: they have 5 too for sure not sure of other phones. They only have them in select stores- limited edition!


I would love to hear from people that have purchased any of the Disney covers for their iphones—and how they like them.

Last summer I almost bought a really cute WDW parks cover but it was just one piece. The CM at the big Disney store in DTD let me open the package to try it. I was disappointed that it did not “wrap” around the front to protect the front bumpers well. You just drop it in on one side—my phone was not secure in it. I was disappointed and didn’t purchase one.

Perhaps they have changed them now and they fit better. I like an iphone cover thats in two parts where you snap it in securely to protect all sides (except the glass front)…

I ended up with a Vera Bradley iphone cover that is great—but would much rather have a Disney one…

This HM one would definitely be a favorite…if it is a 2 piece snap together… :happy:


I have an iphone 4 with Disney cover on it. I love mine. It’s not an Otter Box of course but I drop my phone a good bit and my phone isn’t damaged except a few small things on the very top edge.


This is one piece and rubber sided. It is the only kind I have ever used so I don’t have a comparison. It is working great so far! Love it :slight_smile:


I have a Disney cover, and I’m told by my Apple store rep that its a “quality” cover. That is, when I was having troubles with dropped calls from my brand new iphone, included in the process of figuring it out by the rep was to inspect the cover, to which he stated was a quality cover.


More haunted mansion stuff :slight_smile:


I stll have a droid star wars they dont make covers anymore but I love my phone


More haunted mansion


Those are coasters and they have a nice purple throw blanket not pictured.


There is some awesome HM stuff out there…what cute coasters!!!

…and thanks for the iPhone cover comments…


I totally want that iPhone case!