Haunted Mansion Nightmare before xmas


When do they transform the Mansion to the nightmare before Xmas and when is it taken down?


September 16 - Haunted Mansion Holiday opens for its seasonal run.


I didn’t know they did this! Is it at WDW and DL too? We’d love to see that.


It’s only at DL. I haven’t ever heard of plans to do this at WDW.:closedeye


Thank you when is it over.


Usually ends the first part of January. One week they will return the HM to normal the next week they will return SM to normal.


Sorry is SM space mountain what do they do to it.


Yes, it’s Space Mountain. That is usually only “haunted” until Halloween, or just after.


What do they do to space mountain?


Space Mountain riders will be launched into an uncharted and haunted section of the universe on the new Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. Out of the darkness and swirling galaxies of Space Mountain, ghosts try to pluck riders from their seats as they speed through space. The drops and curves of the journey are even scarier with piercing screams and haunting music


Sorry, meant SW (Small World). They change this for Christmas around the first of November and then change it back in January.