Haunted Mansion Queue


Just read on Allears that the queue for the Haunted Mansion was under construction. They are creating an interactive queue. Does anyone know when this project is slated to be complete? My kids and I would love to see it on our trip in May.


We were just there last week and didn’t see any signs of construction or refurb. Hope it is good.


Wow, this will be cool to see. I will say that the line at the Haunted Mansion is one degree hotter than the hottest sauna I have ever been in. Very cool though!


Oooo that would be really interesting, it’s not something I’ve heard of happening so no idea when it would be completed for! Hopefully Sept (parents are going and it my mums favorite ride) then it’ll be all ready for my arrival in Nov!


I wonder if this is for both parks DL and WSW.


Found these on Youtube:

YouTube - Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue Construction 02/05/11 Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

YouTube - Haunted Mansion - WDI Interactive Queue Testing


Oh I like the queue just the way it is even though as Cjtownman says it’s awful hot there when you’re waiting in line.
I like the anticipation of getting closer and closer to those big old doors and the ‘happy’ cast member. That would be one attraction I’d leave just as it is- that’s its charm.


I agree… the HM queue in the summer heat is not fun!!! (especially when it’s super long and you don’t have any shade)


This makes me nervous… haha. As simple as HM queue area is, I LOVE it. It’s quiet, and normal and super eerie. It doesn’t feel like you are getting on an attraction. Just like you are waiting to get into a Haunted Mansion! We’ll have to see how this goes! And I agree, August heat and HM heat isn’t fun. But we usually ride this after dark! :]


If the line is long, we’ll ski th attraction. Life is too short, I’m too old, and there’s no beer.

I gotta re-run this flash back. On one of our trips as we were in line, I asked the guy, “Is there a dead end up there?”

I was a hit - (tut-tu and all).


Although I like the queue the way that it is it is nice to see some small changes to an old favorite. They’re not changing the attraction just the queue. Gives the kids and I something to look at while we wait in that long line:happy:


[QUOTE=MomBee;1067121]Found these on Youtube:

YouTube - Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue Construction 02/05/11 Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

YouTube - Haunted Mansion - WDI Interactive Queue Testing[/QUOTE]

I clikc one YouTube Link and it takes me over an hour to pull myself away and get back here lol!


Know the feeling, then I upload the ones I love like the MNSSHP parade ‘Boo to you’ to my Iphone- so I can get my Disney fix anywhere:happy:


I’m looking forward to enjoying every new (since 2006) experience at WDW! I love the Haunted Mansion!!


I was there Feb 3rd and you could not see any of the tomb stones…most of it was boarded up.


Haunted Mansion Queue Rehab ? WDW Facts

This was the only information I could find with an estimated completion date. According to this article the queue could be up and running by Easter. Which means we could see the changes on our trip in May.


I don’t think change is bad. I like when WDW spices up an older attraction with something new and different. I go in August and have never really noticed the HM queue being any hotter than the rest of the queues…that being said, I never wait in line there and am usually one of the first guests of the day. Reason number 6,453 why I got to morning EMHs!


Everyone always says “How can you go so often? It’s the same stuff!”…hmm…THIS is why! Can’t wait til oct…this is my fav ride!


I always thought that it would be cool if they had a “Walk Thru” portion of the Mansion then “stumble” upon the Doom Buggies and go for a ride.
Gotta get that letter to the Imagineers… :mickey:


Wish HM was still a FP ride. Now THAT was really nice if the line went out from under the awning into the sun.
Will be nice to see some fresh updates on the classics.