Haunted Mansion


Was at WDW in July and was completely bummed that the Haunted Mansion was closed for refurbishment. My son and I consider it our favorite ride. Was wondering if anyone has rode it since it opened and can relay the improvements? How’s it look?


I know there’s some threads on it somewhere… I’ll search for you.

In the meantime, you can go to allearsnet.com and read their report on it. I think it would be under recent articles…


Well, that was easy:





I had put up pics from opening day, and the improvements have continued (like the portraits in the attic now work, you can see the husbands with heads, then sans heads). :slight_smile:

It now is very similar to Disneylands Haunted Mansion (floating Leota head, attic scene, etc.)



My daughter and I were ones of the first 10 to ride it on SEPT. 13…IT is AWESOME…Had to wait for 2 hours


HM is on the top of my list to do as soon as I get there.:wub:


That is great! I didn’t have to wait so long, I arrived at 9:15am or so, and was on before 10. Then the line got shorter, I didn’t wait more than 20-25 minutes or so minutes the other times I rode.

I don’t think the bride looks too real (though she does look creepy), I love the new attic scene - again, it’s what Disneyland has. And if there isn’t too much screaming in the stretch room, you’ll hear a much clearer audio, where your ghost host walks around you…and the sound of bats, very crisp. But sometimes there is so much screaming at that time, you won’t hear it.



We’ve also rode it since it was re-opened! It’s my favorite! I thought the changes were great! And they DIDN’T do a total overhaul and take away from the theming!! I thought the new additions were the perfect touch!

I highly recommend riding more than once–the first to just enjoy it and the second, third, fourth…to look at the new changes!!


I cant wait to go back and ride it as well. I wonder if you can use fast pass for it?


They had fastpass machines previously, but not anymore. It is better not to have them, the line moves very quickly as it is (even a long line tends to go through in 10 - 20 minutes).



We were SO impressed with the rehab! It was awesome! Everything looks brighter and clearer now…all spiffed up. New paintings, new scenery added to dead spaces, etc. You’ll see things now that you never noticed before.

They really played up the bride in the attic with some new touches. The only thing my DH said he was disappointed in was Mdme Leota’s head. They “improved” it, but DH preferred the older one. I haven’t decided on that one yet, but overall, it’s an excellent rehab.


I’m so looking forward to this. It was closed last time we were at WDW.


rode it im september loved it. it was one of my favorite rides it jsut got better.


Thanks all!!! We are going in April and now I can’t wait to go!!!


Can wait either! Will be there in a month.


We can’t wait to ride this when we go in December!