Haunted Mansion


Has anyone been to the MK within the past week. I am curious to know of the wait time for the “New” HM


and a video, I want to see the new stuff


Me to!:confused:


Doesn’t the wait time depend on how many people are in line? :confused:


Since fastpass no longer exists at Mansion, you’d think the wait time would be ferocious, especially since they’ve added all the spectacular new effects, but I was there yesterday, and 15 minutes of waiting in line I walked in the doors. Here’s the kicker, the line was all the way back out the Mansion gate and had looped around twice. They really have a great system of getting guests on that ride.

As far as video…why ruin the new surprises? Trust me. It’s worth the wait :biggrin:


rode it twice, once about a 15 minute wait, and 5 the next!

It was GREAT!



I agree. We went during MNSSHP and the line looked huge, but in reality it moved very quickly. A nice surprise along with the new changes! :happy:


When we were there a few weeks ago the sign said 40 min wait. It was more like 10. The changes are great!


It’s a continuous loading attraction…can’t ever be that long to ride. I can’t wait to fINALLY go on that attraction in august.


did they make some changes to the mansion? oh wow weird I had no idea lol and Mansion is my favorite ride too! its funny I did not know that lol but now I am wayy excited to see what all they did with it.


It was shut down and got a complete “over haul”…they changed some scenes from what I understand and added some new stuff or something like that.


I am very excited to see the changes first hand. Will see it VERY soon!!


Me too can’t wait!:cheshire:

by the way kind off topic but i was wondering how does one get the count down to your next disney trip thing in their siggy I really want one since I am doing a WDW Christmas trip soon and am honestly so excited I want to be counting the days til it arrives.:laugh:


I think you have to have 100 posts before you get the countdown.


Here is a link for the video:

YouTube - The New Haunted Mansion


Thanks for the link. I watched it & now am even more excited to see it.


I am planning on riding it and then riding again and again and…:laugh:


Just got back yesterday and we walked on 3 times and went right into the stretching room within seconds. They did a great job with the upgrade.


lol I had better get to work on posting on her then :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know that the HM at WDW did not take on the Nightmare Before Xmas like the Disneyland HM. From Oct to the first week of Jan DL transforms the HM into a great Xmas scare.