Have a great time "A Goofy Family"!


My Dear Sister and her family will be leaving for for WDW in just a couple days! I’m going to miss them so much, but I’m so excited for them to get to see all the holiday decorations and go to MVMCP.

Have a great trip sis! Full trip report and lots and lots of pictures, okay!??!


ps. I’ll have the ham and sweet potatoes all ready when y’all get home Christmas eve! :wub: I hope they aren’t blackened (hehehe!) :angel:


Have a great time!!! Don’t forget TR and LOTS of pictures when you get back!!! :wub:


As you can see, it’s another LATE night this week. So much to do!! Just wish we were packed, then I could really get excited. I’ve never been this far behind in my packing, but I have my lists and itinerary, rooms, tickets, and plan…just need to make it through tomorrow…which is really today already and I’ll be fine, I think. Just gotta breathe (and get packed) and once we’re on the road, I’ll be fine.
Just wish you were going with us Sis!! It’ll be our 1st trip to WDW w/out you!!! I agree with your kids, you’re just tricking us and you’re really going to surprise us when we walk into Old Key West, right?!?!? Wishing that you would!


Oh, you should! That would be so cool! Well anyway, have fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Oh you are going to love all the decorations! Have a magical time!!!


Have a safe and magical trip to our “home”. I can’t wait to hear every detail, so please take notes and pictures for us. :heart:


have a wonderful time!! if you run into my family …tell them hi for us !!


Our countdown’s about the same, isn’t it?? Funny I have SO much to do, yet DC keeps pulling me to the computer! :heart:


from what I know …they will leave Texarkana Saturday morning sometime … stopping over night and arriving at Pop Sunday afternoon… lol this is not the way we would do it …but my SIL …I love him, I do …but he is not the commando type … if it were us …we would be on the road before daylight saturday morning and be checking to the Pop at 6 am …and on to the park before the dew dried!!! I do know their first park on Sunday will be MGM


Have a great time…and I hope your Sis does surprise you!!!


That would just be too cool! Can you talk her into it??? :cool:


We’re not as commando as I’d like to be getting there, but once we’re there we like to do as much as we can. However, I think we’re really going to take it at a slower pace. We will be with my M/FiLaw and my Mom. Plus the parks are going to be extremely busy I feel, so we’re going in with the attitude that we’re not going to be able to do it all, but we’re going to take it as it comes and make the most of it! We leave on Friday as soon as DH is off of work, I took the day off to prevent extra stress. So hopefully we’ll make it to eastern LA (and hopefully there will be a room available, with the hurricanes and all I’ve recently heard that rooms are slim pickens) tomorrow night and then we’ll reach Disney HOPEFULLY Saturday evening, early enough to stop at DTD and maybe hit DQ. Wish us luck!! BDavis is going to have to help me w/a TR and posting pictures when we get home.

Oh, Sis…I can almost smell that ham bakin’!! Mmmmm Thanks for taking care of dinner for us!! :wub:


Don’t thank me yet…you haven’t tasted it !!! :tongue:

I just noticed you are up REALLY late!!! Is it because you leave for WDW tomorrow??? :eek: :laugh:

And since DH couldn’t get off at the Fire Department over the holiday, I wish wish wish we could be there with you, too, but I hope y’all have a wonderful trip. :heart:


I know how tricky you can be…I’m sure we’ll see you at OKW on Saturday night! :wink:

And you’re a great cook! Everything will be so yummy!

Oh, and this is REALLY late for me…it’s been like this all week. Guess I’m getting ready for late nights at WDW!!


Oh, you’re so lucky! You’re gonna LOVE it! Have a wonderful, magical time.


Looks like things are coming together. We’re all packed, just not loaded yet. That’s my next job as soon as I’m done cleaning the bathroom and wiping down the kitchen countertops. I’m on schedule I think in spite of the vacuum going haywire. I can’t leave my house without it being close to perfect…I love to come home to a clean house AND Dsis is coming to my house on Christmas Eve to make us Christmas dinner so we can celebrate Christmas together before her DH goes on fireman duty the next morning. Isn’t she so sweet? :wub: I will owe her bigtime!! Well I must get back to my duties so I can get kids and run one last errand before hubby gets home. We have to pick up Mom sometime too, just have to get everyone’s schedules to coincide!
The panic is starting to wear off now and I’m beginning to get excited about our trip!! Just a few more hours and we’ll be on the road!


And we’re off!! Talk to you all next week!


:sad: I miss them already… :sad:


Well, they got there about 10:00pm last night and checked in to OKW. And I just called them and they are in Fantasyland at MK. I could hear the music from Pooh’s Thoughful spot in the background. :wub: How fun! :cool:

They said it was busy, but not horribly busy. While I was talking to them, BIL tried to get Fastpasses for Mickey’s Philharmagic, but the fastpass machines were covered. :noo:

Busy or not, I know they are going to have a wonderful trip. Their goal for this trip is not to ride as many rides as they can (like we usually do!), but to see all the beautiful holiday decorations. :heart: Tonight they are surprising their kids with MVMCP. :wub: I’ve never been to one and I can’t wait to hear all about it!


My Mom called me a little while ago and they are having SO much fun at MVMCP. They have rode so many rides this afternoon, some just walk ons (PoC, Buzz, Country Bears, etc)!!! The party is busy but rides are very managable. The worst they had so far was Space mountain=30 mins. Not bad. They were watching the parade from the Noodle Station and then going watch Wishes (my Mom’s first time to see it!!!)

Our DMom has had such a crappy year. My Dad was sick all year, then passed away three months ago. When we came home from the funeral, we found our house flooded (she lives with us and it was her part of the house)…so she has spent the last three months grieving and trying to remodel and put things back in order. I’m so happy my sister invited mom to spend the week with them at WDW. My Mom wasn’t sure if she should go or not (feels guilty) but when I spoke to her today she was so happy she went. She is having a really good time.

Mom also got to ride up front in the monorail today with her grandkids! How fun for her! They also went to the Contemp and Poly to look at their Holiday decorations.

Wow! I’m so excited for them! What a day!!!