Have a magical trip Eric!


hrlb…AKA ERic! Have a safe and magical trip!


Isn’t that nice. Thanks!

I can’t wait! I just need to get one more day of work out of the way, a softball game, and some last minute packing and I’m OUTTA HERE. I’ll miss my puppies, though. Don’t worry, they’ll be well taken care of.


You are welcome. Keep busy…makes the time go faster…lol The puppies are going to be POed, but they will get over it if you bring them something home…lol have a great time. Take notes! I want a bunch of trip reports to read while I wait for my last days to pass for my trip…34 to go for me AKA forever and a day…lol


Have a great trip!!!


Have a great trip! I know what you mean about missing your puppies, we are going on a long weekend to the beach over Columbus day and I am already sad about leaving them. But they will be in good hands so GO AND HAVE FUN!!! And yes, notes and pictures! We need more trip reports!!


Have a great trip!!! Take lots of pics, can’t wait for the report!


Have a wonderful trip. Just think tomorrow, you will be there. I look forward to the TR when you return!


I’m happy to puppy-sit for you!


ribbit, have a magical trip.


Have a great trip!!
Oh, and by the way, how do you feel about the person watching your puppies? I would hate to see another incident like the one in Llama’s trip report!! Wash your sheets when you get home, just in case:eek:


Have a great trip Eric! :mickey:


Have a great time, Rib!! I hope we get to see each other - I MIGHT be wearing a “DISNEY CENTRAL” pin, but if not - we’re a big family, we’re not too hard to miss! :laugh:

I hope you have a great time!! :c)


Wow, less than a day!

Have a fun time!


Have fun, fun, fun, til your Daddy takes…

Oops, wrong situation.

Have fun, fun, fun anyway!


Have a great trip! We’ll be at CBR the same week! But we don’t arrive until Sunday!


^Cool. I requested Jamaica 45.

Thanks everyone! Very Kind of you. I can’t wait but I think I’m going to be a bad boy in the morning. I need to do 3 hours at work tomorrow but I think I’m skipping it. It’s OK, I won’t get in trouble but I feel guilty when I do things like that.

About the softball game, ANOTHER loss. 0-2. We’re not very good. They’ll probably win without me next week, lol.