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We have a reservation for the Caribbean beach resort for December 3 thru the 9th at an awesome rate. Our flights have been changed from the 3rd of Dec to the 2nd of Dec. Not a big deal really, just means getting to the Mouse a little sooner than planned but we were wondering if we should just get a cheap hotel room near Disney for the one night before checking into the Caribbean Beach or if I should take the AAA rate of $65.00 at the Pop Century Resort. We have never stayed there before and were wondering if it is worth it or do you think there are cheaper hotels near Disney that we should stay at the night before we check into our week long Disney resort??



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Personally it would be a question of convenience for me. I would not want to move. If you can get a room at CBR for the first night, I would take it.


If you have the money I would add another night to your resort. It’s going to save you time moving and getting checked in. If it was more than 1 night I would maybe try 2 resorts but it’s not worth it for one night if you have the money.


Welcome to MB. If you can afford it I would ask for another night at CBR which buy the way is great and if not then POP would be a good choice also. I’m not a big fan of staying off Disney property if you trip is to be at Disney trip then stay at Disney.


I would have to agree, I would try to get another night added onto the CB reservation. It is a pain to move. I have stayed at Pop a few times for just one night and then moved, but it saved me $500+ to do that, and our flights came in very late, so it was worth that kind of money to have to move in the morning.


I just tried to add another night to our reservation but they are saying that there aren’t any more rooms at the AAA rate. We would be paying $163.14 for just the one night added.


Definitely get a room at CBR for the night. You won’t regret it. You don’t want to have to pack up all your stuff. It will be so much easier if you just stay there.


I would get the room at POP then for their rate, pack your things in the morning and let Disney move you. I never did this, but saw where it was done before. I would not stay off property. I personally don’t think you would get cheaper off resort

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WElcome to mousebuzz. Are you renting a car? If so, just grab a hotel off site. If you are using magical express or a towncar, DO the rate at pop century. By the time you pay for the room off-site and the transportaion to CBR, you would have paid the more expensive rate at CBR anyway.


We are renting a car while we are there. My husband hates the buses lol. Just talked to my travel agent and she got us into the Caribbean with our AAA rates!!! Love my travel agent!!


Glad that worked out for you! That will definitely be the most convenient option for you, but we did do our first night at Pop on our last trip and it was not difficult at all. We also had a rental car, so we left most of our stuff in the car. We just took in what we needed for the night, then in the morning we put our sleeping things back in the car and drove over to POFQ. I thought it was worth the savings and it was kind of fun to see Pop and take some pictures there!


We had the same exact scenario, only were coming in Dec 1st. We decided to stay at the Doplhin one night to surprise my wife - we spent part of our honeymoon there (12 years ago!)
For this one night, I had points with Starwoods and got a free night–YEAH.

You may want to look into some Disney Downtown hotels. Grovesnor or Royal Plaza usually have great deals.

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I would add a night to your existing reservation. A Disney rate that great won’t be easy to match outside of the world. Hotels even off-property aren’t generally cheap. Plus, then you get that much more magic sooner! Good luck!


Welcome to MB! Im glad everything worked out and I hope you have a great time on your trip.