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Greetings everyone! I saw this dvd set advertise on WDWLIVE- Walt Disney World Web Cam - Photos - Desktop Wallpaper - Videos - Radio and thought it would make a fun present for DH and the kids. Has anyone heard of this company or has anyone actually ordered these dvds? I am not expecting super quality in the videos, but I know DH will sit and watch them anyway. I just want to make sure this is from a reputable source before ordering. Here is a link for the videos.
Relive The Magic. ONE DAY SALE! All Of Disney World On DVD For $11!


I have never heard of them or ordered from them. I would only get one…everything may come in alright and the worse thing that will happen is you will be out $11.


I saw this once before and tried to order it. I don’t remember what the problem was, but my order wouldn’t go through so I backed out. This is the same person that set up that webcam at WDW all day (train station).


BEWARE, they want to charge you $15.99 for shipping, what a Ripoff!


I haven’t bought anything from them, but you can watch those videos on youtube. He goes by the name of RU42. Let me see if I can pull one up for you.
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Ok, here it is. When you click on his username on the right, you’ll be able to find all the info that you need.

YouTube - Magic Kingdom Carousel of Progress


Thanks for the information. I thought shipping was a liitle high too but didn’t think the combined price was too bad. As Dana said, worse case scenario, I am out a few bucks. Not a big deal. I am hoping my DH likes them. He has so much video of our trips but has always wanted something on dvd with the attractions. I thought this could be “the perfect gift” for him.


I guess you’re right about the combined price, I was just sticker-shocked by the cost of shipping charge…I still ordered it tho! I realized the shipping charge after the fact… Oh well, I think our family will enjoy it!


This is the coolest thing! I received an e mail from the store selling the dvds (as well as lots of other WDW merchandise) thanking me for my interest and they sent me a promo code worth 50% off of the order. (Marketing ploy, I know :blush:) I also ordered the complete 4 disc WDW walkthrough and received free shipping. I will get both sets of dvds for $20 total including shipping! I am so excited and I know he is going to love this!!!


That’s awesome!!


if that is from relive the magic…watch out i bought dvds from them…and they are from fans and they are cool…but they take forever to get to you and then they dont ship all together but try and say they do…you will love the dvds,…but it took a month for mine to come…they will say they think they will be out of dvds by dec and they didnt expect the high income volume…i had such a problem when i tried to use the coupons they gave me i told thenm i will never ever order from them.


Please let us know how you like them! After Christmas of course :slight_smile: