Have I missed a Dining Deadline?


Just went to book my travel plans for August, and can’t find the free dining promotion. I know they are going to offer it the last few weeks of August. Please don’t tell me I missed the booking window for this promotion!


The promotion ended December 20th, but hopefully they will open it again for later in the fall.


It expired Dec. 20th apparently. I never saw the deadline on the actual Disney site for it but when I reluctantly looked into it for my cousins then I found where it had expired on another site. This being said it doesn’t mean that they won’t rerelease it with limited dates. Just keep your fingers crossed


we’ve been the last three years end of August and they have always released free dining for that month. So I would wait. We are hoping to go at that time too so we would be hoping for the same.


I’m going to wait then and see if they release the promotion again. I was surprised to see the deal expire so soon. Especially where free dining isn’t usually released for those dates until april or may.


mousesavers.com says that there will be more discounts released today (monday). not sure what they will be. . but as many have said, the free dining is typical for the time you want to go.

good luck!


Traditionally, WDW has always rolled out the official late August/September free dining in mid March to Disney Visa holders and early April for everyone else.