Have MNSSHP Tickets (cool)!


Got our MSSHP tickets (first time). Very cool. DD’s have already claimed Mickey and Donald.


Kool I would have chosen Mickey


Since the MNSSHP starts in September does that mean that all the Halloween decorations will be up as well? We are going at the beginning of September and JMO but that’s way too early to have decorations out. I really hope they don’t come out until closer to Halloween.


Yes, the MK is decorated for the MNSSHP by the time it starts in early Sept, but the decorations are really “Fall” themed and really nice. They never get an actual “Fall” in Fla, so this is as close as it gets…and it is cool! We love it…now I need to go order my tickets!


I know it will look really nice. I’m a bit disappointed that we will have to look at Halloween/Fall stuff at the beginning of September but there is no way I am going to let that spoil this trip at all. I wouldn’t care if the whole park was done in a Stitch theme it’s still better than being at home : )


Yippee for you!! Have you ever been before? It’s one of the BEST PARTIES!!! :wub:


Sorry for hijacking your thread for a second. Have tons of fun at the party. From what pictures I’ve seen it looks like a blast!


Sure we do. Most people call it January.


Wow, gingles, you are less than a month away!!


:confused:Are anyof the other parks decorated for fall? This will be our first MNSSHP on Sept. 29 and we can’t wait! I’m hoping that they have a face painting station in DTD to have DS 12 face painted. We were thinking it may be too warm for a full costume.


AWESOME! I think the Halloween party is the BEST one! That “Boo to You” Parade is just amazing! HAVE FUN!


Totally agree! I took so many pictures last year of the decorations, they were so cool.

Those tickets are really cute…I would have chose Mickey (but who would’ve guessed that!)

Have fun!



have fun MNSSHP is so much fun


I am still on the fence about going…I really, really want to, but depends on if we have the extra money when we go. I have never been to MNSSHP. Have fun!!!:laugh:


We’ve had our tickets for a couple of months now, but now after reading this, I’m all excited again. It’ll be our first MNSSHP and I can’t wait. :wub:


You’ll have a great time at MNSSHP! Get there at 4 P.M. and start early!


You will love it . It is so much fun we would do it again if were go back when it’s running. Hopefully we’
ll be there for MVMCP


i got my MNSSHP tickets a while back. I cant wait to go. We got 2 mickey tickets.


OOoooooh you arive at the same hotel 5 days before I do!!! =) We are going 9/27-10/3!:laugh:


[QUOTE=keljen;983077]You will love it . It is so much fun we would do it again if were go back when it’s running. Hopefully we’
ll be there for MVMCP[/QUOTE]
MVMCP is fun too (seen it 3 times now), but everyone tells me we’ll like the halloween party even better. Either way, I’m so looking forward to it.