Have patience please


When submitting a new thread and some post replies, it has been taking a little longer than normal for it to go through. Give it a few seconds before pressing the reply again or sumitting the thread again please. Disney Teacher and I have been deleting double threads like crazy. Please give it a minute or two instead of assuming that it didn’t go through. Whatever kink is going on will get fixed soon enough. Thanks.

Also while on the subject of me and DT: Please try and keep the threadjacking out of the main forums. It’s getting ridiculous again. Threads about disney go into the main forums and threads not about disney go into chit chat. Try to keep your threads in the proper forum. As soon as a thread is jacked and doesn’t have anything to do with it’s original intent, it is considered chit chat. You are taking away from people’s threads by jacking it as it goes into chit chat at that point. Please have consideration for others with this. There is a jacking thread in chit chat…jack that one please. It has been a challenge for me and Disney Teacher lately to keep up with the moderation in our areas. Cut us some slack please. I appreciate you all working with us on this. A side comment in a thread is not jacking if you still manage to stay on subject. A total nonsense post in the middle of a thread is jacking. Thanks again for working with us on this.


Thanks for the reminder, Dana. I’m not sure why it’s taking a little longer for a post or new thread to show up but it is. I’ve wanted to hit the post button a second time myself but be patient, it’s working, it’s just a little slow.

Help with the off topic posts would be great, it seems to be a problem again. I hate to move threads that were started as Disney threads to Chit Chat but after so many off topic posts the thread belongs in Chit Chat. I’m guilty of off topic posts myself but we all need to respect the member who started the thread and try to stay on topic.


My bad.

The bored instigator in me comes out every now and then and without realizing it, the thread is off topic.

Will try to refrain from too much threadjacking…