Have rental car... or rental taxi?


Ok, even in Orlando I will become 'Mom’s Taxi Service" for our happy group… so does anyone have recent experience with coordinating all the pick up drop offs and go fors?


3 people are going to Universal for the day and the other 2 of us are going to MK… approx how much time should I allow for dropping off at Univeral? Then in the evening there will be the picking up, going here and then there etc.

Would it actually be worth it for them to just take a cab from the "Splendid China’ area of Irlo Bronson Expressway over to Univeral, and then home again? (that’s pretty close to Terra Verda resort I believe)


It would make more sense for all three to chip in for a taxi and leave you to your MK day. Drop them off if you must, but let them chip in for a cab back.


If it were me, I would just use cell phones to coordinate the times. You never know what traffic will be like so you can’t really say how long it will take.

I wouldn’t waste more money on a taxi after paying for a rental car unless it was unavoidable. Or unless someone else was paying for the taxi, as Dana suggested.


Dana’s suggestion is great. You would have to go out of the park to get your car and then drive all the way to Universal and back - and hope it is not during rush hour! the taxi wont be as cheap as the car but you would be missing a big chunk of your time at the parks driving around Orlando.


No brainer!



If you are going to drop them off first and then go to MK it’s really a short drive. We stayed in the Marriot in Seaworld and drove to MK by rental car in 2003. It was a short drive of maybe 10 minutes. BUT if you are already in MK and then have to leave & go drop them off & then back to MK …well that’s a pain in the butt so then I would have them just get a taxi.


I definitely vote for the taxi idea. Yes it will cost some $$ but it would be so worth it for the time saved. You don’t want to spend your whole vaca driving around Orlando. Your there to have fun!