Have to register for ME by certain date?


I have never used magical express, and I was just wondering if I need to register for ME by a certain number of days out. Thanks!


I think WDW recommends you register by 6 weeks before you fly in. If you have your flights booked already, I would go ahead and call them. I think if you don’t let them know that early, it isn’t too big a deal, but that is what I was told last year, that a minimum of 6 week notice was recommended.


Thanks, dznylvr!


I didn’t know this! We are 3 weeks away and still trying to decide on our rental car and that affects whether or not we need ME on the arrival end. Glad someone brought that up!


speaking of ME…I just got our outgoing ME info and it said pickup is “4 hrs” prior to flight departure. Last year it was 3 hrs if I remember correctly?
Is this something new and does anyone know why 4 hrs now instead of 3?


You need to register so they can send you your ME tags for your luggage. BUT, if it’s too late for that, you will need to pick up your own luggage and then go to the ME . . . rather then Disney getting your luggage for you.


In June we were picked up 3 hours prior to our flight.

Just copied this off of FAQ about ME… For INTERNATIONAL FLYERS…

On my day of departure, how will I know what time a motor coach will pick me up at my Resort hotel to return to Orlando International Airport?
A. The day before you check out, you will receive a Transportation Notice advising you of your motor coach pick-up time and giving you other general information. Your motor coach pick-up time will be approximately four (4) hours prior to your flight departure time from Orlando International Airport. You are responsible for bringing your luggage to the motor coach pick-up location


We used ME last night for our trip home and we were picked up 3 hours before our flight. Our paper said in general domestic flight are 3 hours and international flights 4 hours.


According to a CM at Me a couple of days ago, if you register to late to receive the luggage tags, you give the luggage claims receipts to ME upon arrival and they will retrive your luggage for you. It is just easier if you have the preprinted ME tags already on your luggage. I added ME to part of our parties reservation and received the tags in a couple of days. There were sent UPS unlike our others that were sent with our tickets in regular mail.


We just used me about three weeks ago and it said 3 hours. We did, however, use about an hour of that to go to other resorts to pick up other passengers who were using ME.


That happened on our Christmas trip. We picked up at maybe 4 resorts after we got on the bus. With the long lines at the airport we ended up with only a few minutes to wait once we got to our gate. All of the other times we’ve had plenty of time once we got to the airport.


That’s what I read by mistake, the international pickup time. Thanks for pointing that out.


I wouldn’t mind that at all, staying on ME for longer and less time at the airport :laugh:


LOL… that gives a whole extra hour of Disney fun!!:laugh:


Not me! I’m a worrier and getting to our gate with 5 minutes to spare was stressful to me. I like to get to there and know were set then relax.