Have you been able to swim in Jan/Feb?


I’m trying to decide how much/if at all a pool should factor in to my resort selection.
I loved having a quiet pool when we stayed at POR (I think it would be especially nice having a toddler), but I would like to try WL or AKL if we can swing it.
I just have to decide if a quiet pool would be worth not going deluxe.

I’m not sure if we would even use the pool if we go late Jan/early Feb.

I know it can be cold and the weather is unpredictable, but have you actually been able to swim during those times?


It’s not January or February but close-- my son used the pool at POR on Christmas eve a few years ago. It was chilly out but the water was warm enough once he was in, getting out was the hard part.

This is a tough one because it could be close to eighty degrees or close to freezing during that time. Hopefully you’ll hit a warm spell and not a cold snap.


Last January, we used the hot tub at CB, but not the pool. My DD (age 23) did use the pool, as well as a few others. I would say it’s not worth adding the water park option to a ticket, but if you hit a nice afternoon, there were people in the hotel pools.


Watch the weather before you go. I have gone 5 times in January and three times it was in the 80’s and great for swimming and twice in the 50’s. The pool was warm but no swimming. Sorry not much help.


It all depends on the temperature. Like others, we have hit 70-80 one day and 40-50 the next. But the hot tub is always an option. If you don’t mind 47 people in one tub. :laugh:


I really think it’s hit or miss, but any time we have gone in the winter (3 times), my DD has made her way to the pool. Two times the weather was warm enough, but once it was freezing. The pools are heated, so it’s only bad when you come out. That being said, I used to bring a seriously heavy nightgown for my DD to put on directly after getting out of the pool and she used to go directly inside and in the bath after a winter swim.


We went this year Jan 30 - feb 4 and we swam. The pool is heated so it feels good and there were a couple of days that it was very hot and you wanted to get in the pool however the very next week we had friends there that had to wear jackets the whole trip. So it just varies A LOT!


We were there about three years ago at Christmas and it was hot and we went in the pool
We were there in Feb this year…too cold for me but my niece went in the pool was heated at WL


I get cold easily, so I refuse to swim if it’s not warm outside. Even if the pool’s heated. I will sit in a hot tub, though. My family have been to Disney several times in January and February and it’s never been warm enough for me to want to swim. We sat in the hot tub and there was one day that my sister and her fiance went to a water park, so it must have been fairly warm that day. It’s hit and miss that time of year. I think you’ll have to wait until right before you leave and watch the weather.


Thanks everyone. I don’t think I’ll let the pool factor into my resort decision. I know it’ll be a 50/50 chance that we’ll even be able to use it.


We went in Dec last year and it was in the 30’s most of our trip! That was unusual, but you never know!! So we definately didn’t swim :ohmy:


We go every year at this time and we have used the pool every time.


Have been Dec into early Jan, staying at AKL. We went down to the Uzima pool almost everynight, did a few lengths then jumped into the hot tub! Very rarely was there anyone else in the hot tub so we had the thing to ourselves most of the time which was lovely! The worst part was fightining over who had to get out and turn the bubbles back on!


The weather certainly is unpredictable from December-February and lately even early March in Florida. I have been swimming in January some years and other years have seen it drop down into the 30’s so good luck.


To swim in january is amazingly freezingly cold!