Have you been on vacation other than Disney regretting you aren't at Disney


Not yet for us. When the kids move out we may try a non Disney vacation


We’ve been on two Carribean vacations, no kids. But interestingly, I’m looking forward to the time when we can do a WDW no kids vacation. Hopefully in the next couple of years, we’d like to do a late fall or early christmas trip.


We try to mix it up a bit. Like when we went to California this year we did Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Disneyland, and Vegas. So we got to see a lot of new things but still added some Disney.

I know we’ll be taking a completely non-Disney trip to Canada in Spring '08.

I never regret taking a non-Disney vacation… so long as I know when my next Disney fix will be :tongue:


Before kids, yes! After kids… kinda! 2 years ago, we toured California for 2 weeks… we finished up our trip at DL for the kids. I am looking forward to some DH & Me only trips in the future. NO offense to the kids… but I think moms and dads need some time too.


More times than I would like to admit.


Yes! We have gone on non Disney cruises and gone to Mexico a few times. We vacation every other year with DH’s family. Nieces and Nephews are in HS/College and are not into Disney anymore.:frowning:
But it is nice to visit other parts of the world have a tropical drink and sit by the pool!:slight_smile:


Only once has that happened to me.

We took the kids to Hershey Park for 3 days, 2 years ago. We spent $2200. I could have taken them to Disney for 4 days instead!!


We have had great non-Disney trips as well. Last summer we went to Niagara Falls, Penn. Dutch Country, and Washington D.C. We have also just gone to Florida without a stop at Disney. The kids loved all the places we travel. We do love Disney, but other experiences are great as well.


Nope. I love to travel and see new places, so I enjoy every vacation in itself - of course, I know I’ll always be returning soon to WDW…


Just did it last week. It was more of a “boys” vacation where we spent a week up in Michigan, floating down a river every day, spending days at the beach. Cooking, cleaning and laundry for me!!! The whole time I was thinking now I have to wait even longer to get to Disney cause this vacation week is now all used up. Don’t know if I’ll ever agree to go somewhere else (without a fight!)


Good point Jen! There have been a couple times when I realized the amount of $ I was spending on a non-Disney trip, and having 1/2 the fun, could have provided triple the Disney fun! :laugh:


Yes, Las Vegas! The only time I didn’t miss WDW is when I was at DL! lol


We have tried it a few times but we always longed to be at WDW instead. We have gone to CedarPoint 3 times and of course DD was excited but for the amount of money we spent for a 3-4 day weekend we could have done Disney for a longer period of time.

DH and I went on a vacation by ourselves to Corpus Christi and San Antonio and cut it short by 3 days because we were bored out of our mind. We’re just not happy unless we’re at WDW.

Honestly I would like to try to go other places but I know that I won’t be happy once I’m there.


You are coming to Canada? Where are you going? Have you been here before?

Better start practicing your “eh’s”. Practice makes perfect!:laugh:


I like to mix it up with Disney and non-Disney trips. That way I am always excited to go back to Disney!


haha, yes, I have been to Canada but not since I was a child. Daniel’s whole mom’s side of the family is from Canada (he was born there too). His Grandma lives in downtown Toronto, and a lot of relatives in Thornhill. So we’ll be in Toronto the whole time & probably stop on the Canadian side of Niagara. Where are you McFizzy? If you are able we’ll defiantely meet up :happy: .


That’s kind of a loaded question, isn’t it? :pirate:

I mean, wouldn’t everyone rather be at Disney all the time? :eek:

But since we have season passes, I try to devote some time for non Disney events.

Since 2006, I’ve been including “Edgeyoumakashional” trips… :happy:

The cost to fly across country and drive around to see the hunks of rock do sort of add up though… :pinch:


We mix it up a bit and always enjoy wherever we are at the moment and soak up all the sights to learn new things about different parts of our country. We do trips to the Texas Coastline/beaches, trips to the Colorado Rockies, trips back to N. Illinois & Wisconsin to visit family, Hilton Head, Charleston, SC, Savannah GA, and stops along the way to check out sites to all of our destinations…including on our way to WDW. We plan to do a Canada trip in a couple of years, Wash DC trip before the kids are out of school, an Alaskan cruise for their senior trip from us…but making trips along the way to WDW or places using our DVC points.


:eek: :eek: :eek: perish the thought… ok actually once. i was 18 and went to jamaica, SO SUE ME!!! LOLOLOL:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: i’m 39 now. all my vacations prior to that and after it have been WDW.


Not me. I’ve always just been happy to be on vacation!