Have you ever been to the parks ALONE?


My DH :wub: has discovered yet another event at the House of Blues that he REALLY wants to go to during the course of our trip :eek:. Currently, we have no solid plans for the evening of this concert, but I REALLY don’t want to go see this band. They are really loud and I am soooo not :cool:!


Anywho…I was considering telling DH to go ahead and get a ticket for the show for himself…it’s his vacation too! I can always occupy my time with something else…shopping…swimming…movie at the AMC.

As I was thinking about it, I began to consider heading to MK or Epcot by myself to just explore the decor and shops. DH isn’t really big on browsing…he loves rides…and this might be a cool opportunity to take a leisurely stroll down Main Street or around the World Showcase.

Has anyone gone to the parks alone AND enjoyed themselves? What are your thoughts?


I have never done it, but I would LOVE to!! I might try to take advantage of it when the kids are fast asleep on my next trip and my hubby is too tired! I would love to go and just take pictures, stroll down main street. I would love to just sit, people watch, and take in all the magic Disney offers!!


On one of our visits my wife got ill and she spent a good bit of time in the room.:frown: So just my son (12 at the time) and myself did the parks ourselves. It was a really nice time. Not because my wife wasn’t with us:laugh: but because it was just the two of us in a place, during a time, that was never going to be captured again.:sad:


Well, I am going next week by myself for 3 days! :laugh:

I have done it before, as I explained in a different thread my best friend and I both lived in Florida and went to two different universities that were 4-5 hours apart. We’d “meet in the middle” and go to Disney for a couple days. But because our college/work schedules were so different there were days one of us would be left alone. I remember being in the AK park alone within the first week of it opening.

It really depends on the type of person you are. I have ABSOLUTELY no problem wondering around the parks, shopping around, chilling in the pool, taking pictures, doing some of the more ignored movies/shows, etc. by myself. Even scheduling a massage at the spa would be nice, Daniel NEVER does those with me anyway.

Most people worry about dining by themselves, but I think there are ways to feel comfortable about it. Like dining at a nicer counter service that has a relaxing terrace or something.


PS: On our 2007 Disneyland trip Daniel kept getting heat headaches & some bellyaches so he wanted to go to bed early. Well Disneyland was open until midnight so after I tucked him in I’d return to the park to take pictures, watch the fireworks, and just stroll around. I loved it.


Just about every trip. There are many, many times my DH doesn’t want to go out in the evening or he wants an afternoon nap. I just keep going. One trip I went along with my DD, my 18 month DGD and DSIL (son in law, is that right?) as a baby sitter. So there were lots of times I wandered on my own. Actually I wouldn’t mind taking a whole trip by myself. I don’t know if I would do TS meals by myself, but the rest of the time, sure. Although one time when I was by myself, as I went on rides, the CMs would say “Just one”, like it was a bad thing. I was tempted to get a T shirt that says “Yes, just one”.:laugh:


:laugh::laugh: Maybe I should make one of those for next week only mine would be like…

Front: “Yeah, just one”

Back: “Wanna make a new friend?” :laugh:

That would be totally desperate for company. :laugh:


I can’t figure it out - I always end up alone at the parks.

Seriously? I could sit and listen to the music at the Biergarten all afternoon. My family? not so much. So there are times I go over for a liter and music by myself. It’s all good.


Well, I’ve done DisneyLAND by myself.

This was my trip report:7-01-07: I had the BEST DAY at Disneyland!

Being by yourself can be great. :wub:


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;865723]:laugh::laugh: Maybe I should make one of those for next week only mine would be like…

Front: “Yeah, just one”

Back: “Wanna make a new friend?” :laugh:

That would be totally desperate for company. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

I thought you were going to say

“yeah, just one”

"wanna make something out of it’’ or “got a problem wit that”:laugh:


[QUOTE=jo-jo;865731]I thought you were going to say

“yeah, just one”

"wanna make something out of it’’ or “got a problem wit that”:laugh:[/QUOTE]

:laugh: I’m not THAT unfriendly! :tongue:


I think some alone time in the parks would be fun! At first it may seem a little weird but it’s something I would consider doing for an evening.


I’ve never been but my brother has once and so has my mom. My mom loved it because then she was able to walk at her own pace and stop in to every shop and browse to her heart’s content. My brother, on the other hand, had a funny story. One year we (myself and my two children) arrived at WDW one day earlier than him and bragged about it. We really got a lot done. The following year he thought he would get us back and arrived one day earlier than us. He proceeded to go to MK on that day and said he really missed us and had a hard time staying than more than just a couple of hours.

I think I would be okay with going for the day all by myself. I like to browse as well and I would probably take advantage of going to EPCOT and touring World Showcase and all of those wonderful country stores.


My dh plays on a hockey team in Orlando - don’t ask:pinch: - so he often leaves me after we’ve toured Epcot Future World in the morning. He plays at noon, so I use the afternoon to wander around the World Showcase by myself. It’s become one of my favourite things to do. I visit every shop, have a glass of wine from the kiosk in France, take in all the shows and watch all the street entertainment. Very often dh will meet up with me in the later afternoon and we’ll have a nice dinner at an Epcot restaurant.

I always shop at the Marketplace alone, too. We usually stay at OKW or SSR, so I either walk or take the boat. DH hates to shop and I hate the feeling of having him wander aimlessly behind me - so I love my time alone. I wouldn’t have a problem in any of the parks, actually.


i just have to add a great memory about my dear Grandma. :heart: She unfortunately passed away in '04 but she was responsible for feeding my Disney obsession since my first trip when I was 5. My grandparents had an RV and we’d stay at Fort Wilderness once-twice a year for like 10 years straight (from when i was 5 until i was 15).

Well, after my Pop Pop died I was 10 years old and my Grandma started letting me take a best friend with me when we went to WDW. We were eventually old enough & responsible enough to do the parks by ourselves and one time I said to my Grandma, “we want you to come with us, I hate to leave you alone.” To which she replied (:laugh:); “Listen, why in the world do you think I encourage you to bring a friend along… I’m sick of tryin’ to keep up with you girls all day. My favorite part of visiting WDW is letting you girls free so I can do what I want.” :laugh: Aye, even my Grandma preferred to be by herself. :laugh:


I have never been alone in any of the parks maybe someday my Wife will let me.


I have a couple of days to myself on each end of my upcoming trip, and I have no qualms about meandering around on my own. It’s a great chance to browse and take in things that would otherwise bore anyone else to pieces. And mind you, I’m going to be in DL, which is a much smaller venue. It would be even easier to enjoy some “alone time” at WDW; it’s all but impossible to run out of things to see and do. :cool:


so far…never.


I also would love to due this.I think packerbeth did just that on her last trip.The pics looked great and she sound like she enjoyed herself.


I went to Epcot for a few hours by myself once. I headed right over to France, got a glass of champagne, and slowly strolled around the World Showcase catching as many of the shows as possible and took my time in the stores. Usually, I’m being pulled to the rides by my 4 guys, and this was really nice girl stuff time.