Have you ever heard


Have you ever heard that there are no calories at Disney? So for all you Disney fans that worrie about where to eat,don’t worry, EAT UP!.I liked that saying when I heard it,cause I believe it. With all that walking and swimming it sure feels good. I think thats the only place I reayy like to splurge on food,esp. at Epcot.


i don’t generally worry about calories anyway, lol :blush: . but i can tell you this, i eat like a tasmanian she-devil at disney because of all the activity. yum! :tongue:


What I like is that all the extra calories I consume are worked off by all that walking! I am going to keep telling myself this at the Epcot Food & Wine Fest in 3 short weeks!! :laugh:


I have, in fact, heard that there are no calories in WDW food. They have a special process tha tthey use to de-calorie everything, especially desserts. in fact, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to enjoy, indulge and ingest absolutely everything you see!

Be sure to stop by France’s patisserie, the Boardwalk Bakery, the Main Street Bakery, every Mickey Bar stand, the dessert table at every buffet, Beaches & Cream, the Dole Whip booth, the French Fry outpost, the Norway Kringla Bakeri, and, and and…


By the way, there are no calories in birthday cake or anything you consume on your birthday either!!

I use a week to celebrate my birthday :laugh:


Miss Daisy,I like the way you think. I think I will try that next time.Ha,Ha,Ha!


Seriously, no matter how much you eat it seems you don’t gain much weight (if any) due to all the walking you do each day!!!


I didn’t know this secret…I will have to eat dessert more often there…lol All that walking (average 13 miles a day) burns off almost everything you eat. I only gain a pound or two…never more.


I didn’t know that…is this legit? :ohmy: My mom will have a heyday in the French Bakery in EPCOT! :laugh:


I’m not a believer on this one… I gained 3 lbs during my May trip… But I ate SOOOOOO much and only worked out once…it didn’t add up… :laugh:


You work out on vacation? :wacko: You really have some self-control! WOW!:laugh:


Yeah, and when you eat a “No Way Jose” sundae at Beaches & Cream it’s actually NEGATIVE calories. Amazing, aye?


That must e why I never gain weight despite all the stuff I eat at Disney. Their food is magical. No calories. Too bad I don’t have that kind of food here at home.


Oh no, thats a good thing we don’t have it here. It is only at Disney we won’t gain weight,if we brought it home it would stick to us. It looses it’s magic once you leave Disney. Ha Ha!! That’s why we have to go back so much!


How many negative calories are in a Kitchen Sink???


I always suspected as such, but it is nice to have it confirmed! :laugh: :whistling


If this is true, then I shouldn’t feel guilty about planning most of my trip around the restaurants we are going to dine at, right?


…man, I shouldn’t feel bad about paying their full price for food anymore, now that they’ve take the cals out of everything!

But…if you’re taking something out of the food, shouldn’t you LOWER the price to equal whats left of the food??

AHHH BRAIN FART! :confused: :laugh:


I weighed myself before our WDW 9 day vacation, and again when we got home. Didn’t put on even 1 pound. We, too, walked so much every day. With the June heat, drinking gallons and gallons of water, and sweating it off I thought I would have lost a pound or two. But, it was vacation, and we really got our money’s worth eating delicious meals every day on the dining plan.