Have you ever met Scoop Sanderson


at MK? I just finished reading a column in the Celebrations magazine, titled Main Street Windows. In it they mention some of the street characters strolling about. They of course mentioned the mayor and the Dapper Dans, but also mentioned Scoop Sanderson (ace reporter for the Main Street Gazette). I’ve never heard of him before and don’t remember seeing anyone that looked like a reporter from the early 1900’s. Is he a new addition or have I just not seen him? :confused:


Hey Loretta, Scoop sometimes opens the Magic Kingdom. He did once when we were there.
If you look through all the videos of MK openings on youtube, I bet you can find him


This year was our first time meeting him but apparently he has been around for awile. He was great with the kids and if you are a pin trader, he plays a little game and you and end up with 3 pins for 1 trade! Great fun and the kids all got their pics with him.


post the pics :happy:


We didn’t meet him, but we saw him several times during our trip! I think I have a picture of him in our TR…I will try to find the link for you…brb.


Okay this should be it! He was really fun and entertaining. He was there to open MK on our first day, and then we saw him again on Main Street a time or two.



I’ve never heard of Scoop Sanderson, let alone seen/met him. We are going to put him on our lookout list for our upcoming trip.


this is the one and only scoop sanderson


Thanks for the pictures. Nope, I know for sure I’ve never seen him. We’ll be on the look out come October.


I see him every day when we’re bringing the party down Main Street. He always tries to get an interview with the stiltwalkers but we’re too tall and too quick.