Have you ever taken


Have any of you ever taken the 3-D Glasses from any of the 3-D movies at any of the parks?

Don’t be shy…


Nope! Not mine to take…so I deposit them in the receptacle provided:happy: I have, however, had to replace a pair once because I snapped the little arm thingy off:blush:


nope what would you do with them???


Never (…although the bug eyes are tempting. Not that I would have any use for them other than they are cute and funny.)


Good answer. Nope they don’t belong to me. I would never think of that.

Ohhhhh, I can smell it, another one of those threads :cool:


Hehe…that’s what I was thinkging(and secretly hoping for cuz I missed the last one):angel:


A member of our group took them for her 6 yr old. My boys let her know it was not something you should teach a little one. Small change in the grand scheme of things, something in a teen or adult I would assume was a lark, although inappropriate, but a poor lesson for little people.


When I was 9 years old I took a pair and my Grandma found them in the RV I got in SOOOO much trouble. Never took them again. :laugh:


They made you replace them?!!?!? Even though it was an accident? How the heck did you replace them?


Well let me tell ya, this time I won’t let you miss it. PM me your phone number, Pippi :laugh:


Oh…haha! I didn’t realize that’s how it read. I mean…I had to go back to the front of the queue and ask for another pair because I broke the ones that were given to me:laugh: :laugh: :blush:


Why would I take them? The ones I have at home from my fruity pebels are so much more comfortable…duh.


PAHAHAHA:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
Blech…me no likey Fruity Pebbles…:blow: But, it was still funny:happy:


I was wondering about that myself. Can you imagine the lines at the check out counters for all the people who had to replace things they broke :laugh:


Okay…it is 976-hula-grl OH! You said PM you!:pinch: :laugh: :laugh:


Gosh your full of piss and vinegar today errrrr…can I say that here? It’s an old saying, ya know. Grandmas say it, I want to practice for old age :angel:


:laugh: :laugh: “Grandmas say it”:laugh: :laugh:

Yes…I suppose I am feeling a bit sassy today. Not sure why.:huh:


Maybe because of your amazingly happy countdown?


You know…you might be right:tongue: :laugh:


Never. I was tempted a long time ago, but didn’t see any reason, so I didn’t.
Not from any of the 3-D attractions I’ve been on.