Have you seen this? If this is not an ad for Disney or what!


Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to Disneyland! - YouTube

These little girls are so cute, and the magic of Disney is apparent here!


I love those two! The are so personable and get so excited about life - I just love their enthusiasm!!!


The oldest one is hilarious! Love it!


OMGOSH - those two are so adorable! They are so funny! Watching Ellen’s reaction to the things they say is priceless!


holy adorable! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for posting this. They are most adorable. As I was watching, Mike yelled for me to turn on Ellen and there it was too. What fun.


these 2 little girls crack me up so bad.


I have no idea who they are but they are cute. We got out of school early today and I caught the end of Ellen today for the first time since school started. I didn’t see the beginning of their segment so I still don’t know who they are but they are so excited about life.


Here is there facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sophia-grace-and-rosie/274322569269215?sk=wall

I believe that they are sisters. too cute


The became popular off of a youtube video singing Nicki Manaj’s Super Bass - Sophia Grace Brownlee raps Super bass & Rosie Grace McClelland dances!! - YouTube. The lyrics are a bit questionable for an 8-year-old to be singing, but she’s a good little rapper with a lot of confidence and bubbly personality!


If you look at the ellen degeneres show website, I think think that there are videos of them… They are too cute on the show, and they do not seem nervous at all talking to Ellen… They are precious. I saw the video where she tells them that they get to go to Disney world. it could have been a commercial with all that excitement. I thought it was really funny with the Ellen show being filmed through Universal studios, and she does a lot of giveaways to Universal…

This however was pure Disney magic, and no one else has that.


Wow, that was way too cute. Reminds me of my daughter at that age seeing Disney for the first time. Love it.


Wow! Not sure if I could handle all that girly energy all day long. Guess that’s why God gave me boys!


:laugh: My younger one was just like that - non-stop talking, dancing, twirling - she was a whirling durbish. The more sparkles, the better.

What I love about these two is that they are so genuinely innocent, sweet and grateful for everything they experience. Not a spoiled little bone in their bodies.


Their enthusiasm is contagious, and generous too… too cute.