Have you used Magical Express?


I’ll be going next spring and as you can tell, am getting a jump on the planning process :redface: This will be my first time staying on-site and was wondering if anyone can fill me in on how the Magical Express service works?


About 30-40 days before your trip you will receive your packet from Magical Express in the mail. This will contain your luggage tags that you put on your luggage before leaving home and your boarding pass for the bus. Then when you get to Orlando you just go to the check in counter and they direct you to a bus for your resort. Your luggage will arrive at the resort a few hours later. It is really simple.


We love ME, particularly my DH - it’s that point when he begins to relax into his WDW state of mind.

You provide your airline info in order that they can be up to date on your expected arrival time (in case of delays). You receive yellow baggage tags (2 each) with each persons name and your resort printed on them. If you want ME to collect and deliver your luggage use these tags on each bag. If you prefer to pick up your own luggage do not use the tags.

When you arrive proceed to the ME counter and checkin. (I believe the lower level of the airport :pinch:, but I’ll let someone else be more specific, I’d hate to get you lost.)

If you’re collecting your own luggage, do that before going to the ME checkin and bring your luggage with you. The bus driver can load it for you when you board.

After check in you will enter the first of many WDW lineups :huh: but don’t worry, it shouldn’t be long, we’ve taken 3 times and never waited more than 10 minutes. Pull up a piece of carpet and introduce yourselves to other happy people on their way to see :mickey:

Each bus normally stops at 2 or 3 resorts. Settle back, enjoy the video and the scenary, your almost there.

Your luggage will be delivered usually 3-4 hours after your arrival. Don’t wait for it, check in at the resort and go play. It should be in your room when you get back.

Going home is similar in reverse, if you’re flying in the US your can do your airline check of your luggage at the resort. We’re from Canada so we can’t use that service.

Unfortunantly, they expect you to board the bus 3 hours prior to your airline departure which some people really do not like. It does cut into Disney time, but we’ve found it takes the “hectic” out of the return to the airport, and normally allows us to grab a bite in the airport which our connections never seems to allow time for. (although getting to the bus on time can be a little hectic… :laugh:)

Hope that helps.


Yes, thanks so much. It’s just one more reason why I’m glad I convinced everyone to stay onsite :wub:


You don’t have to pick up your luggage at the airport and the ride to and from WDW is absolutely free, although you can tip the nice bus drivers for their kindness. We’ve used airport shuttles, a taxi (once) and Magical Express twice and feel the ME service is the best.


Personally, I don’t like the crowds going back to the airport. It stresses me out waiting for others when I have a plane to catch.

So, for my own peace of mind, I usually book a car to transport us there and back. I like being in control, so I don’t mind spending the extra money.


I really enjoy the ME. They make it so easy. You do not have to worry with baggage claim just check in with ME get on your bus. When you check in at the hotel check out your room, and then head out to the parks. By the time you get back your luggage will be in your room waiting for you.


I also love the convenience of ME. We had them deliver our luggage, it arrived magically about 3-4 hours after we did, appeared in our room while we were at Studios. The price is definitely right!

I would rather take the free ME and use my $$ elsewhere in the parks.


Magical Express runs smoothly and saves money. I like that.
Your checked luggage shows up in your room later, we always carry necessities in our carry on and never have a problem waiting for the others.
Leaving - we try to always fly airlines that have resort check in, we leave our large bags with them, collect our boarding pass and then meet the bus back to the airport at our appointed time. It takes a lot of the hassel out of coming and going.


LOVE IT! Have never had a bad experience; using it in 11 days and again in December. It’s free, why not take advantage of it!


I was skeptical about using ME, because I’m so used to the convenience of having our own towncar to whisk us to/from WDW. But I am soooo glad we tried it last time, because we loved it!!

It was easy to use, and everyone at our resort (ASMu) seemed well-informed when we had questions about our return trip. We were able to call only the night before our return flight and schedule an ME pickup…which we hadn’t done yet only because we hadn’t been sure when we were leaving!

The only thing I think they could improve on is signs/directions to the ME terminal in the airport. :pinch: Once you know where it is you should be fine, but the first time around can be confusing!


This Friday will be the third time I’ve used ME. I always hold my breath that my stuff will get to my room (and then back home) but it’s always worked out well. I love that you’re taken on the buses. Before ME we used Mears (or rented a car). Since we’re only going to WDW and use their internal transportation, a car is useless. The times we used regular Mears we got a bus to WDW but always a van back to the airport. Can you say carsick? So for us ME is the best thing.


LOVE IT! We’ve used it 3 or 4 times and have never been disappointed. I love not having to drive the whole time we are on vacation.


We used ME only once so far and plan to again. It was so easy and took the stress out of waiting and looking for your luggage at the airport. Just make sure you have a carry on with whatever you must have as your luggage can take hours to get to your room


We have used it a few times with no problems. We did arrive quite late last year at Christmas, and waited a little longer, but if flights are coming in and they want to get as many on the bus so they don’t have to head back to that resort that night, it’s fine with me. We had no problems!!
I think the best part is it’s FREE!!!
I’m glad they are continuing this service!!


Love using Magical Express. Great expierience and plan on using it again this December.


I have heared very good thing about it and I like that we don’t have to worry about the luggage - for some reason I hate standing around waiting for our bags and also standing on line to check them in :laugh:

We are using it for our upcoming trip and cannot wait - just got the luggage tags!!!


I have used it every time I went and it was a really good experience from my point… All we had was our carry on bags and a backpack… When we got to our room our suitcases were waiting for us.

I would recommend it to others. :mickey:


I absolutely love :heart: ME!! I’ve used them at least 6 times now and will be using them again in November. For us it’s just another exciting part of getting us to WDW!! They are the best and are very timely in getting your luggage to you.


We LOVE Magical Express, it’s so fast, easy, and convenient! Not to mention FREE, which is always a wonderful thing!