Having a Hard Time With Reservations


I have read some of the postings about when and where to make reservations. Im impressed with how far out people make reservations. I dont eat on a regular schedule *** it is and don’t really make up my mind about what I want to eat until the time comes. Especially if Im eating out.

Im going down with my girlfriend in about two weeks and didnt make any reservations yet…am I in big trouble? I figure since it doesnt matter if I eat at the more poular restraunts or popular times I should be ok. Once I get down there and see what restruants I really like, than I figure I can make an early or late reservation a few days in advance. But from what I have been reading some people make there dining arrangments more than a month in advance. Is there a big problem with people skipping out on reservations since they make them so far in advance?

Does anyone think I will have a huge problem finding a place to eat when I head down there? Also does anybody have link to the places to eat with there hours?

Thank You.


you are better off making ADR’s now. the restaurants book quickly, and it aviods disappointment when you are there and you are unable to eat where you want to…


do they have or plan on setting up some kind of online reservation form? That would probably make the whole thing easier.

thank you, im going to look into ADR tommorow.


I say make the reservations. When my DH and I went a few years back we never even knew you could make them, so we didn’t and when we tried to eat at restaurants to get a change from counter service we had such a hard time. We even ended up ordering pizza back in our room, which was terrible! (It may have changed since then, but we are people from CT we have some of the very best pizza in the country here in the New Haven area!) We vowed never to go back to disney without making a reservation in advance! But that is just us.


I’ve been going on Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World and looking at all the menus. From there and from recommendations on this board it’s pretty easy to narrow down where you want to go. I find it very frustrating to walk up to a restaurant w/o an ADR and being told that the wait is 1 hour + or that they are booked solid. I would definately make a least a couple ADR’s unless you like counter service.


Which # should I call?


I just think you are better safe than sorry. It doesn’t cost you any money to make reservations at most of the restaurants so you really don’t have anything to lose by making a few ADRs. We have to go suring the summer and almost every restaurant we go to is turning anyone away who doesn’t have an ADR.

Keep in mind that free dining is getting started so there are lots of people who normally wouldn’t eat at sit down restaurants every day changing it up and eating at the table service restaurants because it’s free. I think it might be hard to get in some restaurants no matter when you try to go. I read that WDW has even extended some of the restaurant hours during free dining, that tells me that places are filling up.


The toll free number is 877.939.3732


I just saw on allears that that there will be extended hours and earlier seating. I agree with you, the free dinning kicking in could cause a much higher demand than usual. I will be calling tommorow to make some ADRs.

I appreciate all the info. Thanks again


You still have time to call tonight if you know where you want to eat. CRO is open for another 40 minutes or so.


We didn’t have any reservations last year when we went in September, and got into every place we wanted to.

This year, I made reservations for every night, and had trouble getting some places. Le Cellier we booked and I tried to fit in a couple more people and they were booked solid for the night. The reservation people which by the way were VERY nice when I called said it was kind of crazy for September and that everything is filling up fast.

We got everything we were looking for so it pays to plan ahead and avoid any disappointment…



it also helps you plan your day out.


plus it is fun to do…


I would definately call and try to make on for the places you know for sure you are going to go to. It’s going to be a bit crowded and you may find yourself waiting a long time for a table. Make the ADRs…worse thing that can happen is you change you mind and cancel when you get down there…no biggie.


I’m with everyone else - make the ADRs. It seems like the restuarants are filling up faster than ever this fall with the free dining. You don’t want to have to settle for eating at restaurants that you don’t really want to eat at just because you can’t get in anywhere else.

Good luck!