Having a Magical Christmas Morning?


We are hoping to make it to WDW for Christmas, everything seems to be falling into place :happy:
We have a DD1 & DD11, our 11yo isn’t convinced it’s a great idea :crying: she’s not totally against it though.
She can’t imagine not having a tree…will Santa find us (though she really doesn’t believe) and what about all our gifts?? All legit concerns.
SO my question is, how has everyone made it so “Christmasy magical” for the kiddo’s, Christmas morning in their resort? Most likely we’ll be at POR.
Has anyone shipped gifts for Christmas morning? If so, how did it work out?


I know that you are able to have a Christmas tree order for your room. It’s pricey, but adorable. It seems that most people also decorate their resort door and window too! As for gifts, you could have them shipped down or get them while you are there. Would be cool if they were delivered while you were out at the parks to give the illusion Santa did it.


The one and only time we were at WDW for Christmas we brought stockings and bought a few other things once we got there. The rest of the gifts were waiting at home (left by Santa) for when we got back. I didn’t want to have to ship everything down and back nor did I want the extra luggage. It worked for us and our son seemed fine with it.

We opened the gifts and stocking and hit Magic Kingdom by 7 am It was a very magical morning for us, I hope we have a chance to do it again.


I would personally either buy gifts there or I would bring wrapped pictures of the gifts that Santa left under the tree at home. That way you don’t have to worry about too many things.


You could also remind them of all the fantastic trees that they’ll see in the parks and the other resorts… as for presents, I think I’d bring stockings and leave the rest of the gifts at home, to be opened when you return. It would make leaving a little easier, knowing that there is gift-opening to look forward to. I’d go all out on decorating the room door and window and (if you want to splurge) ordering the tree from WDW. Good luck with the planning!


Llama, love your countdown, especially since we are T-minus 6 days :cheshire::cheshire::cheshire::goofybounce::goofybounce:


Hove expensive for a tree?? $50…$100…$200…???:eek::eek::eek:


I think they’re closer to $200-$400 but I’ve never actually ordered one. I have heard they ship it home for you so it is yours to keep.


You’re right…they are around $365.00:eek::eek::eek::eek:
Never mind…thinking Walmart will do!


[QUOTE=tinker2222;1114588]You’re right…they are around $365.00:eek::eek::eek::eek:
Never mind…thinking Walmart will do![/QUOTE]

I didn’t think it was worth it when we went at Christmas but I’m sure they’re beautiful. You could put a tree in a suitcase and set it up for a whole lot less.


I thought this would be a cute option for a Christmas tree. You could decorate it any way you want it and could even mail it ahead. They don’t sell them until closer to the holidays.
The Cardboard Christmas Tree?


Exactly what I’m thinking!


Here is my suggestion: Put the christmas tree presents under the tree before you leave home. Create a letter from Santa stating he knows that your in FL and not home for the holidays but there will be presents under the tree when you arrive home. Talk to the hotel in Disney about your idea and ask if they can give you the letter when you check in address to your children or see if they can put it in your hotel room so the children can find it when ou settle in. Merry Christmas!


We bought an artificial tree locally and decorations on the cheap < $100 for everything. We left it as we were told it would go to good use with a local family. We took/shipped down one gift for everyone to place under the tree.


There are a couple official Disney table trees and there are several others available at most Christmas shops if you don’t need Disney. They’re little, but they are symbolic.

I’ve started putting lights on the room’s window along with several Disney characters in Christmas garb.
I’ve seen others put all kinds of decorations up.
Just keep in mind that whatever you do, it must be non destructive. This means suction cups and those 3M Command brand hangers.

I’m not sure how you want to handle actual Christmas gifts, other than to remind you that if you ship it down, you’ll have to ship it back. Unless you’re driving and your car has room.
Something you might consider (I don’t have kids, so I might not know what I’m talking about), pick up some stuff in WDW, pay to have it wrapped, and then have it sent to your resort for pick up on the afternoon of 12/24.
This way you’ll have some gifts and you can tell them that Santa left the big presents for them when you get home.


Terrific idea - to take it a step further you could have the kids “create” Disney ornaments at home before you leave… This will get them into the Disney AND Christmas spirit.

Easy Mickey Heads:

3 styroform balls - one for head, two smaller for ears.
Ornament pins
Craft glue
Spray glue

Glue small balls onto larger, to create “Mickey Head”. Using spray glue, spray all over. Roll Heads in glitter. Insert ornament pin into top of head. Attach ribbon or string.


We didn’t write the letter but we left our gifts set out at home before we left. We left from school so it was easy for my husband to run home at lunch and set everything up. I just had to make sure I had everything ready for him. I also had to make sure I didn’t forget anything that might mean we would have to go home before leaving town.

Our son found Santa at MK and gave him the scoop so he wasn’t worried about not getting gifts.