Having Grocery Delivery


We are concidering have the grocery delivery to BC. Has enyone done this before? We dont need a lot, just juice and minor breakfast stuff, Snacks and BEER for later in the day. Just dont want to look foolish dragging grocery bags through the lobby.How is the best way to do this or should we just bite the bullet and pay Disney prices for the stuff. First timers to BC so we need help with the ligistics. Thanks everyone!!


I have considered grocery delivery before, but never tried it. On this upcoming trip I am going to UPS a package down with paper plates, bowls, cereal, chips, snacks and beer(ssshhh…don’t tell anyone about the beer) This way I can send all of the brands of stuff we like. I will just buy milk there.


We had groceries delivered a couple of years ago. We met the person in the lobby and she and my DH took the stuff to the room. We had a set time and had contact to check the time so we really didn’t waste a lot of time waiting around. The whole thing was painless.


We skip the magical express and get a town car from Quicksilver which includes the free grocery stop. 30 minutes to collect up what you need…and you can request the grocery store that has the liquor store attached if need be. Quicksilver unpacks the bags with the luggage and bell services takes it from there. Any resort that has DVC villas is very used to grocery bags.


you may want to try gardengrocer.com. They have lots of stuff and will also bring beer/liquor. You just have to add it in the comments section. They bring it right to your room and if you are not there they will leave it with bell services to deliver upon your return. They keep all the cold things cold,etc.


We had groceries delivered on our 2nd trip to the World- we ordered online a few days before we left for WDW & they delivered them right to our room!! It was wonderful - we were able to use the Magical Express since we wouldn’t need to stop at the store & it was great to have snacks & breakfast items already in our room. We paid a little extra to have a mini fridge in the room (I think about $60 for our stay) & it was well worth it to have milk & juice, yogurt & keep cold snacks for the kids!!


oops, forgot to mention that we packed paper plates, utensils, non-perishable snacks, etc. then we were able to use that bag for all our DW goodies we had purchased on the way home!


I’ve used Garden Grocer twice, and each time the service was excellent. There is a minimum order(I think @ $40, and a $12 delivery charge). They call prior to delivery and will deliver directly to your room. If you’re not there, they will leave the groceries with bell services, and perishables will be refrigerated. Since there’s usually 3 or 4 of us, meeting the minimum is not a big deal, and the prices are comparable to my local supermarkets here in NY.


I vote gardengrocer.com We used them in Dec and they were terrific. You can visit their website and check out all that they have to offer. They were right on time and they are much cheaper than the other services we checked out. The earlier you order the better chance you have at picking out your delivery date and time. We picked the earliest time and our groceries arrived just after 8 am and bell services dropped them off at our room.