HDD Question


Okay… So I have waited a little late and the only available reservation for HDD is at 9:30 PM… We have an 8 and 4 year old… they can be night owl’s but also love to swim at night… is this a good option or a bad option… will it entertain them in the late hour? Or should we save this for another trip… again???


I say take it. But my daughters are night owls like me, so it really depends on the child.


The Hoopty is sooo worth it - even late at night! Go for it!

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo:


Ron, how long is the show?? I am concerned that if it’s too late, your 4 year old might be sleeping by the end.


My 10 year stayed awake, but my 5 year old fell asleep across two seats before the food arrived! That being said, I would try a nap during the afternoon to increase your chances they’ll stay awake to enjoy the show!!


I don’t have any expericences with children your age, but I do remember late reservations with a 1 1/2 year old. If you’re willing to deal with dirty looks from the tables near you…go for it. I remember a dinner with my child at LTT where he throw his upper body on the table, swong back and forth and screamed at the top of his lungs. It became even more embarrasing when the table next to us began to video tape his actions! Just keep this in mind…if they are night owls you should be okay, but there is nothing that makes you more uncomfortable on a vacation then your child being unhappy at something that you wanted to go to…and they wanted to go to bed.


Ron, I was only saying that I’d be concerned about your 4 yo falling asleep, because you know Nathaniel is 4 years old, too, right? I think if the show was too long, he’d be too wiped out from navigating the parks all day to stay awake…even if he had a nap! :sleep:


Ron, you can also keep trying, maybe they’ll get a cancellation for the earlier show.


Ron, I would DEFINATELY take it. Like Buzz said you can keep calling to see if there was a cancellation for the earlier show. If NOT, there is plenty to do in Fort Wilderness to entertain and explore before HDD. Maybe you could try to jump on the hayride there before dinner, or explore the Outpost stores, etc. I think it will be fine. It’s DEFIANTELY worth the wait.


I wouldn’t do the 9:30 show just because that is way to late to eat a big meal for my family. We usually eat around 5, and the kids would be starving and tired. I would keep trying for an earlier time, people do cancel all the time. In fact, I have had luck calling when I got to the resort and getting an opening during the week we were there.


Well, you know your little one… but mine wouldn’t make it! Zzzzzzzzzz :sleeping:


That’s pretty late but if you plan ahead and the kids take a late afternoon nap you might be able to do it. My son can stay up as late as any kid but at WDW the days are long and he crashes pretty fast if he’s sitting down.