He Can't Be My Child


I have come to the conclusion that the 4 year old can’t be my child. Lately he’s been on this attitude kick and saying things like us parents always get what we want and he never gets anything, or how he wishes he had different parents. Seriously, like a pmsing 12 yr old girl. I always throw out there that he’s got great parents, and he’s so lucky to get to do things like go to DisneyWorld. He always says “Well I don’t want to go there anymore” :blink: Well today, when letting him know we have 5 days until our next trip, he informs me that he’d rather take a different summer vacation. :blink: :angry: Seriously, he doesn’t want to go to Disney. He’s not my child, I need to probe the hospital, he may have been switched at birth. Yes, even if he is my mini-me.


Doesn’t want to go to Disney!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


You might want to get that checked out… :laugh:


Yeah he doesn’t want to go until you get there, then he won’t want to leave to go home, lol


Some kids just like to say things to get us riled up. I think they find some great pleasure in it, even when they are just four years old!


My boys both never wanted to go to WDW. They humored me along with their father. Can you believe that they’d rather go fishing in British Columbia, what the hey?


Don’t worry about it…my sister used to say things like that when she was mad at my parents. Then we’d get there and she wouldn’t want to leave! Surprise, surprise…kids just do those things. He’ll grow up to be as obsessed as the rest of us. :smile:


Yeah, see he talks about all of the rides, wants to watch the YouTube videos and talk about Disney, but he keeps saying we should have another vacation or do something else. He wants to go to the beach instead. Sure this is the 2nd time this yr we’ve been, but still…


My sister does that sometimes. She loves Disney and talks about how she wants to go, but depending on the time of the year, sometimes she’d rather go to the beach or on a cruise. She wouldn’t sacrifice “her beach” or cruise vacation for Disney - wouldn’t even compromise. (But last year, we did skip the beach for WDW, and while she complained at first, she was so happy to be there and still goes on about how fun that vacation was.) Me, on the other hand… I’d go to Disney anytime!


Sounds like you somehow have my crabby 13 year-old son living with you? TeeHee!

Seriously, I am sure he’ll be glad once you get there…if not, there’s always that babysitting service and Kids Clubs that WDW offers.


As soon as he gets there he will change his tune, infact Im betting as soon as you start to make your way there he will be super uber excited. Chances are, a friend or something he has seen on tv has put this little idea in his head and made a beach or elsewhere seem like alot of fun and so thats why he wants to go there instead. Once you get him there he will probably never mention the beach once. Though, if he really wants a beach holiday, pop over to Caribbean Beach, Grand Floridian or the Poly and let him beach himself out there on the man-made ones!


I know he will change his tune, he’s just been Mr. Attitude lately, and he’s king of reverse psychology, so if we say fine, we’ll leave you with the babysitter, he says “Oh, ok, I want to stay with them!” I’m dealing with a 12 yr old girl in a 4 yr old boy’s body I tell ya. Sad part is, we live only about 4 hours from the ocean, yet we’ve never gone lol.