Heading to Disney Dec 2006..got some questions


It’s been since 1998 the last time I was at Disney…stayed at the Grand Floridian. This time the cabins at Ft Wilderness. My question is…of the parks…what rides have closed…the main ones anyway. Anything new that is a must see. This time I am bringing two of my friends who have never been to Disney.


Everest, Soarin, and Lights Motor Action are new this year.
Stitch is new but many (including me) would say to skip this ride.


first off, welcome to mousebuzz! glad to have you

i haven’t been since 2000, so it has been almost just as long for me. but, i do know that we have many new tings to look forward to on our trip in just about 2 weeks (did i say 2 weeks, MAN the time has flown by!).

here is a list of a few of the new attractions and their locations. i am sure i will miss at least one or two, so my fellow MBers can help me out on this.


Mickey’s Philharmagic in Fantasyland
Aladdin’s Magic Carpets in Adventureland (i think this wasn’t there in '98… not 100% sure though)
Both The Enchanted Tiki Room and Pirates of the Carribean (PotC as you will see it on MB) have undergone rehabs to change and add new features to the attractions (both in Adventureland)
Not sure when The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was built, but i know it was there in 2000 and that was the first trip i had seen it. (Fantasyland)
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland may not have been there either at that time.


Test Track
The Living Seas has undergone some changes, including the addition on Turtle Talk with Crush
Inside The Land, there is Soarin’. I have heard great reviews on this one, but have not been on it myself… yet.
(all of these are located in future world)

Disney MGM Studios

Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show
Rock’N’Roller Coaster may not have been there either… someone help on this.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

the newest attraction there is Expedition Everest.
and i believe that Kali River Rapids may have undergone some changes as well

That’s all i know or can think of for now (i am trying to finish cause i have to be at work in 20mins!)

other MBers, help me elaborate on this please.


Welcome to MouseBuzz! Mandapanda has put together a really nice list of new attractions for you. As far as closings and refurbs you should check out this link Rehabs and Closings Schedule at Disney World It doesn’t look like you’re going miss too much.


this is our first xmas down there as well. i can’t wait to go


You should pick up either The Passporter or The Ultimate Guide to read what is new and what is now gone. So much has changed since 1998.

Our biggest upset was Alien Encounter being replaced with Stitch. We loved AE!!


If you get a chance do the Candlelight ProcessYuletide Fantasy Tour which was 3.5 hours long it started in Epcot and told you about Morocco’s, Japan’s and US holiday customs, then off to MGM and they should how movies influence our holiday’s, then we made our way to the Christmas warehouse which was huge with on going holiday projects. We also went to the Grand Floridian and the gingerbread house.
ional, Osborne Lights and the


CW… Hi! You must be sure to try Mission: Space, TestTrack and Soarin’ at Epcot Center. Also, check out CrushNGusher at Typhoon Lagoon if you have pool weather!
Expedition EVerest at Animal Kingdom is incredible, and the Lights! Motors! Action! car show at MGM is wonderful.


I’d definately say pick up the Unofficial Guide book. When DH and I went back last year, it was our first time since '98 too, and there really are a lot of changes. Atleast the guide book will help you pick out what you’ve already seen/done and prioritize the newer attractions.

PS-Just a warning, after our first trip back in almost 7 years (last year), I became totally addicted again! This past year has cost DH lots of cash!


Whatever you do, don’t miss Soarin’. It is unbeleivable. It is my new favorite ride!!


WDW has changed soooo much since we first went in 2001. Aside from the classics, you’ll feel like it’s an entirely different place. I suggest you check Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World and read over the parks.

I also HIGHLY recommend you get a copy of the Unofficial Guide to WDW. IMO this is the definitive book to help you plan your trip. The Guide saved our first vacation.


I’m such a follower. You definitely need an “Unofficial Guide”!