Heading to disney tomorrow!


I can’t believe I will be in Disney tomorrow. I can hardly wait! My DD and I are staying at the AKL. We have never stayed on property. I don’t know if I am more excited about the trip or being able to be wtih just my daughter for 5 days!


We require a detailed TR with all the pertinent photographs.

Ok, not so much detail as pictures. Lots of pictures.


:biggrin: Yes please, we LOVE trip reports!! Have a blast!


You will LOVE AKL! Not sure if you are staying at Jambo House or Kidani, but at some point when you walk into Jambo, take in the view of the magnificient lobby, the smells of Boma and Jiko and the music playing. It will put you in a wonderful trance. That’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. You go into another world while you are there, relaxed with all the worries in the world gone. Have a wonderful time, and enjoy with your daughter!


Thanks everyone…I think we will be at Jambo house as we just have a standard view. I am sure we will walk around and see everything even without a Savannah view. I am definitely going to try to relax. My boys can drive me crazy at times…love them but they whine a lot and like to torment one another. Just hanging with my daughter will be a nice break!


Have a safe trip and take lots of pics


Have a wonderful trip! Maybe we will see you there!


Have a wonderful time! I would love some time at Disney World with my girls!


Have a wonderful trip! Maybe we will see you there!

Perhaps we will see you…are you staying on property?


Ask them for an upgrade when you check in. My co-worker asked, and since there was availability they gave it to her. She was VERY glad she asked.


Yes, twice I have been upgraded, even without asking. They are known for doing that, so if they don’t offer, definitely ask.


If you guys see my DD, tell her … um … something.


I might see you there also as I am arriving on Sun. But I am staying at POP this time. I also cannot wait to arrive and forget all about the real world!


Have a wonderful trip. Wave at us as you’re driving in as we’ll be the sad family leaving tomorrow. We have had a fun 9 days, the weather has been HOT but we expect that in July. It hasn’t rained much either, we only seen rain one afternoon and it didn’t rain much at that day.


We were upgraded once there too. We got a great AP discount on a standard view room and when we entered our room had an awesome savannah view. The CM checking us in didn’t even say anything so we were really surprised.

Have a great trip!!!


Headed to AKL in November so until then I will live through your TR. Have a blast!


Have a great trip!! You and your daughter are going to have a fabulous time!!!


If you guys see my DD, tell her … um … something.

What would you like me to ask???


I am hoping we will get an upgrade to a Savannah view…we are celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday (a few months late) so maybe we will luck out.

I have to get up at 3:30am tomorrow but can check mousebuzz. I loved Disneyteachers day by day accounts and thought I might try it to…Where in the world is Dancing4disney might be coming soon…you will just have to guess where I am.


Have a super magical trip! Can’t wait for the TR (with photos) 'cuz we’re staying there in December and it’s our first time, too. :happy: