Healthcare choices for CO


HI everyone as you all know my DD s down there in the college program well she is sick I mean really sick, she has bronchitis. anyway she went to some type of clinic behind epcot where a nurse told her to go see a Dr… she had to go back to her apartment and there was a walk in clinic. we call them doc in a box up here. it cost her $90.00 and fifty for the script… yes she has bronchitis anyway do any of you past cp know a better palce for her to go if there is a next time. It is unbelievable disney does not have sometype of clinic type place for these kids. I know this is a job not summer camp[ I remember being told that once] but coming from 1800 miles away she does not have a clue where to go. is there anwhere else easier to get to… thanks


you may want to PM gingita…I remember she was in the CP and came down with something and had to go to the doctor…she might be of some help. She doesn’t post as much as she used to but I think she may check in every once and awhile.


Oh gosh - I hope she’s feeling better. I think I would head over to Celebration. I know that many people who’ve gotten sick at WDW (including a staph infection and appendicitis) were treated at Celebration Hospital and absolutely RAVED about the care they got. I’m sure they’d have a clinic associated with the hospital. When we’re there in a couple of weeks, we’re going to drive over to Celebration with dd and check that out - she has asthma and although she has it well under control, I think she’ll feel better if she knows where to find a clinic. Keep us updated!


I will ask my niece and PM you this week.


thank you Boss mouse and all the others who replied Im being a overprotective mother . she is an adult{ al least by law] but between being a nurse who is a case manager and a mom throw in a heavy dose of control freak , so my family tells me, and you have one :nuke: nutsy mother :frown: when her kids are so far away.

she did get to a walk in clinic and they put her on a antibiotic… she will be be better. but jeeze it wasnt easy… I am really re thinking the no car idea.


Faerie, I do hope your daughter gets better soon, I had to attend Celebration and the care was first class-and I understand your concerns, my DD has to live abroad next year and it is doubly hard when they are so far away, so you are not over protective- just a mum!


I’m glad she’s doing better! I was really against my dd taking her car - but now I’m kind of glad (but nervous - we don’t have freeways like Orlando) she is.