Hear that music?


I am dancing the FULLY paid trip dance…I have everything done. Resort, airfare, towncar, groceries, tickets, MNSSHP, dining plan AND spending money!..WOO HOOO PAID IN FULL BABY!!! I love this feeling. I feel like I can breathe now…no more cutting my paychecks in half and being broke all week…lol PAID OFFF!!! can you tell I’m excited? There is no better feeling than a paid in full disney trip…cept for actually being at WDW of course. Thanks for sharing in my excitement.


I wish I could be so disciplined. Good for you DANA!!!


Thanks! It’s my goal every trip to have it paid in full before we go. Last trip savings didn’t go as planned…I had one thing after another come up and we were down to the final pay check…it was horrible! This is such a relief. I hate using credit cards, so at least I know I can just take the one just in case and leave the others at home. Thanks for reading and being happy for me…I can’t tell you how excited I am!


Congratulations, Dana! It’s such a great feeling knowing you have it all paid for. I save all year so I can pay for our trip before we go and I think I enjoy my vacation more knowing I’m not charging it.


Yea for Dana! So happy for ya, no you can go free and clear(well not so free, but you know what I mean):happy:


Dance sister, dance! You’ve earned it :happy: Paid off is a great feeling!


Yeah! Congratulations Dana!! What a wonderful feeling!!!


Congrats! It is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? You are paid off early too! Good for you!!!


Wow, I finally finished my latest project house and am sitting down trying to figure out an angle to convince my DW that we need to go back this year and you have yours paid in full and you leave in less then 2 months! Do me a favor and take a deep breath of that Disney air for me while you are there. (DD swears it smells like no where else in the U.S.)


You know I will. Please pm me your address again. I send you guys a postcard every trip and cannot find my address book anywhere. Good to see you too…stop around more often will you.:heart:


Thanks for celebrating with me all! I am SO pumped! That trip is coming up fast!


You GO Girl!!! What great planning and discipline!! We always start saving for the “next” trip as soon as we get home…doesn’t matter how soon or how far away it is, we start adding $ back to the vacation account & that’s the 1st thing that comes out of each paycheck. I don’t think we’ve ever had it down to a science like you and we end up charging a little bit. Guess we need to hire you to do our packing and our trip finances!:laugh: It’s all smooth sailing for you now…CONGRATS!!


Do not tempt me…lol That is my dream job. Customized WDW trips including savings plans, itineraries and of course packing lists for each memeber of the famiily.:laugh:


Congratulations Dana!! That is such a great feeling to have everything paid off before you go. Now, you can sit back and erlax and hope that time flys by until your trip. I still have to come up with enough money to pay for our tickets and the Dining Plan. Hopefully that will happen by the beginning of December.


Congrats Dana, what an awesome feeling. Paid in full, and the trip still ahead of you to look forward to.

You are in an enviable position my friend, enjoy it! :mickey:


That is such a good feeling, congrats!


You rock, Dana!!! That takes alot of discipline! Very good! :c)


LOL Dana! I bet your keyboard is taking a beating as you pound off those exclamation marks! Enjoy that thrill!!! It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it??:heart:


YAY DANA!!! I am SO thrilled for you!!!


Thanks guys! I am still giddy today! DBF and I went out last night to celebrate and grabbed a beer or two and saw a movie…we haven’t been out in ages due to saving for this trip…it felt SO good!