Heard Any News on the D.C. Resort Lately?


Hey everyone! I don’t know if you guys remember the forum last summer announcing Disney bought land in D.C. and planned on building a Disney Resort hotel. Has anyone heard anything new about this lately?

It’s been very low-key. And I’d love to figure out how its going and maybe if they have a projected theme or release date yet?

Thanks everyone!


I remember that they tried to open a park once before which would have been American History themed in northern VA and they didn’t want it there.

Adventures by Disney is also running some history tours and it may be a tie in with that. Really haven’t heard much about it.


All I know is they bought 15 acres in Prince Goeorge’s County in an area that is very up and coming, National Harbor. The plans are for a 500-room resort in the area which has a Gaylord Resort and Convention Center already there along with many other hotels and restaurants.


Hmm, maybe some Disney conventions on the East coast? Would be nice for those of us out here! :laugh:


Wouldn’t that be nice!! haha.


Hmm, they need to get that show on the road! I’m anxious to see the end result. End being in school for the hospitality industry, I’m extremely interested! lol.