Heated Water at TL or BB?


We are planning a visit for late December. Is the water at TL or BB heated? I can not seem to find it online. I read on their website that Wet n’ Wild is heated.



That’s a good question, Don… I don’t have an answer because it’s always been just a little too chilly for us to visit either TL or BB in December. The resort pools are heated, if that matters! I’m sure a more knowledgeable MBer will post with an answer soon!


I don’t remember BB pools being heated, but it’s been a few years since I’ve been there (and it was in October.) I do remember the water being slighty chilly, but not uncomfortably cold (but I find anything less than bath water temp kinda cool.) It was still around 80 degrees at the time, though.
Sorry, I’m not much of a help either, now that I think about it! :laugh:


All of the pools at WDW are heated. I am assuming that also means the water parks. Who would want to go to the water parks in the winter if they were unheated? I can’t see WDW not heating them and taking the chance of them not getting used.


I think it’s safe to assume they have warmers and chillers for the waterparks. But you can’t bank an assumption.


They may be warmed a bit, but they’re still chilly. We went to TL in Jan. a few years back…it was about 75-80 degrees outside, and the water wasn’t much warmer.